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Next Weekend's Dance (11/24/17):
Redbud Ramblers with Deanna Palumbo

Come Dance With Us ...

Contra Dancing

CCD dances every Friday at the Clarkston Community Center, a gathering place for art, education, recreation, and community building. Click here for directions to CCC.

On 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays we dance at Messiah Lutheran Church.

Please see our Schedule page for time and cost details.

You can find other essential information about our dances on the About CCD page.

Are You a New Dancer?

Let's Talk!

Keep in touch and in the loop on our CCD Twitter feed! Check out

Do you have questions about our contra dance? Email or call one of our Steering Committee members.

Are you interested in booking a band and caller for your own dance? Email the CCD band and caller scheduler.

Do you want to be part of our online community of contra dancers? Connect via our Yahoo Groups listserv and our Facebook page.


Policies: Behavior

While we'd all like to think that contra dance is the one place in the world in which nothing bad is even capable of happening it actually takes a village to keep our dance the safe space that we all want it to be.

CLICK HERE to read CCD's guidelines for addressing complaints about dangerous, illegal, or offensive behaviors.

Policies: Loved Ones at the Dance

Lights, Camera, Action!

Want to see a dance in action? Check out our Instagram! We post pictures and video of the dances at

And here is a sampling of cool contra videos