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What's the Theme for Dance Weekend 2017?

You -- yes you -- could be dancing for FREE at CCD's 41st Annual Atlanta Dance Weekend on November 10-12, 2017 at the Decatur Recreation Center when The Latter Day Lizards and Nova with Will Mentor and Seth Tepfer take the stage.

All you need to do to score that free ticket to the weekend is submit the winning THEME for the 2017 Atlanta Dance Weekend!

Theme submission DEADLINE: Midnight, April 30
METHOD: Send an email to Deanna Palumbo at

To be eligible for consideration, an entry must include:

Your Contact Information:
Name, telephone number and/or email.
A Catchy Dance Weekend Theme:
Click here to see a complete list of past dance weekend themes.
Brief Description of the Theme:
Provide a 1-3 sentence description of what you have in mind for the theme.
Describe what sort of decorations your theme might use. HINT: Themes that won't cost much for decorations (e.g., materials that might be found in dancers' attics, basements and closets) will have an edge.
Describe how people might dress up on Saturday evening to celebrate your theme. HINT: Themes that lead to varied, imaginative, danceable costumes will have an edge.
Describe a skit your theme might prompt. HINT: Themes that lend themselves to a clever skit will have an edge.

Enter as many ideas as you wish!

The Festival Committee will winnow entries down to the top 10. All dancers may vote on the top 10 from May 5 - 12 by email or at the May 5th and May 12th dances.

The winner will be announced during the week of May 15, and at the May 19 dance.

If you sent in an entry in the past, and it didn't win, try again! We don't save entries from year to year.

In the event of duplicate submissions, only the first entry received will be considered.

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