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About CCD

The Chattahoochee Country Dancers (CCD) is a non-profit organization that sponsors contra dances in the Atlanta area. We are a local center of the Country Dance and Song Society of America (CDSS), are incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia, and are recognized as tax exempt under IRS rules.

Hands Four!

CCD members stay in touch with each other vis the CCD Yahoo Groups listserv.

If you wish to subscribe to this group, enter your email address below, then click the “Join Now” image.

CCD Steering Committee

The steering committee serves as a Board of Directors for the organization and is made up of volunteers who each serve a three year term. Current members include:

Jim Crawford 404-274-4365 43jimcr at Vice President
David Digby 404-321-7559 ddigby at  
Rob Harper 404-307-3444 rah at President
Jennifer Horrocks 678-570-7390 jenny.dances at  
Sherry Kilpatrick 404-849-6926 moggyseven at Secretary
Robert McGregor 404-630-9042 bobmcgregor at  
Angelika Pohl 404-315-1230 pohltanz at  
Robbin Ryan 404-593-4911 robbinryan at  
Tim Timmer 678-777-3637 timothy.timmer at Treasurer
Their responsibilities include CCD events, finances, artistic direction, publications, and other dance community concerns.

The steering committee meets monthly (see CCD Schedule for meeting dates, time, and locations). Steering Committee Meetings are open to everyone. Minutes from past meetings are available from January 2002 forward. Click here to access copies of the minutes.

Four in Line, Down the Hall...

It takes a community to stage a contra dance and your involvement in ours is encouraged. From carrying speakers and sweeping the floor to helping organize a special event, there is room for everyone. CCD will benefit from your help and participation. Contact our volunteer coordinators for details.

Policy on Inappropriate Behavior

Contra is a high-spirited dance that is elegant, lively and fun. It also needs to be and to feel safe. To help ensure the safety of our dancers, CCD will not condone inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

If a fellow dancer behaves in a manner that seems inappropriate, it is suggested that you make an effort to let that person know. If you are not comfortable speaking directly with them, please ask anyone on the steering committee to do so for you. Dancers who repeatedly exhibit inappropriate behavior can, and have been, asked to leave.

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