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About CCD

The Chattahoochee Contra Dancers (CCD) is a non-profit organization that sponsors contra dances in the Atlanta area. We are a local center of the Country Dance and Song Society of America (CDSS), are incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia, and are recognized as tax exempt under IRS rules. CCD Dances are non-drinking and non-smoking events.

Hands Four...


It takes a community to stage a dance. Will you be a member of ours?
For details of dance-related volunteer opportunities, please contact
Deanna Palumbo
at 404-431-1136 or Jane Schindler at 770-717-0428.

After the Dance

After the dance each Friday night, the evening's caller, musicians, and dancers usually convene at the The Square Pub -- a post-dance opportunity for food, drink, jokes, singing and conversation in downtown Decatur, one block from our Hall. If you are interesting in joining in one of the dancers will show you the way.

Community Activities

Members of the CCD community frequently host parties and other get togethers outside of Dance. The best way to hear about these chances to spend time getting to know your partners and neighbors is to connect via our Yahoo Groups listserv and our CCD Facebook page.

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Policies: Shoes

Cliff Notes version:

"Don't wear anything on our (rented) dance floor that can harm our (rented) dance floor."

Long Version:


Don't wear tennis/gym/running shoes -- Your ankles and knees will thank you for it. Rubber soled shoes are designed to "stick" to a wood floor. You will find it a lot easier and safer to dance if you wear shoes with a smooth (preferably leather or suede) sole. Socks work well too.

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Policies: Inappropriate Behavior

Contra is a high-spirited dance that is elegant, lively and fun. It also needs to be and to feel safe. To help ensure the safety of our dancers, CCD will not condone inappropriate behavior.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

CLICK HERE to read CCD's guidelines for addressing complaints about dangerous, illegal, or offensive behaviors.

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Policies: Loved Ones (Children and Pets) at the Dance


Children are welcome to dance with us! For the safety of all, children in the dance hall must be capable of behaving appropriately and parents must be available to be responsible for their children's actions.


Experiencing an allergy or phobia attack can really put a damper on a dancer's evening so please leave your animal companions at home. You may want to show this video clip on our home page though so they know what you are up to when you're gone.

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