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C (CD)!
Underwater band

43rd Annual Atlanta Dance Weekend

Saturday Night Costumes

Q: Should I dress up on Saturday night?

A: Absolutely!! You will never get a better chance to channel your inner Ariel or Poseidon. So start canvassing your closet or the nearest yard sale now for diving costumes with or without snorkel, mermaid leggings (from $7.63 on Amazon) with sparkly tops, pearl-encrusted or seashell bras, and pirates lurking in Davy Jones's locker. Is that a jellyfish made with pink and white boas? Squid skirt with swirling tentacles? That electric eel costume is shocking! Not to mention the stuffed humuhumukununukuapua'a (a.k.a. the Hawaiian state fish).

Gender Balancing

Q: Is registration gender balanced?

A: Not deliberately. And even when equal numbers of men and women register for the weekend the balance among potential partners can be skewed at any given time since everyone isn't on the floor at the same time.

Given that our collective goal is to dance as much as possible you are urged to ignore issues of gender when asking or being asked to dance.

Should you find yourself dancing an unfamiliar gender role, keep these tips in mind:


Q: Are there any footwear restrictions?

A: Yes. The DecRec staff has strongly requested that we not damage the finish on their basketball floor (and so prohibit hard-soled shoes, boots, and scuff-marking shoes from the floor). Please help us keep the owners of the floor happy with us!

Warning! The finish on basketball floors is designed to "grab" (i.e. provide a lot of traction for) rubber-soled shoes and can raise your risk of knee or ankle injury if you try to swing/spin while wearing athletic shoes. So please wear clean, soft-leather-soled, non-marking shoes or plan to dance in socks instead.

New Dancers

Q: Do you have to be a really experienced dancer to attend this weekend?

A: Absolutely not!! If you have been to our regular Friday dance even once you are strongly encouraged to come to the Festival; you'll be fine! And while there is no time set aside for first time dancer lessons, fast learners are invited to pair up with an experienced partner* and give it a try too -- the other dancers will help keep them afloat.

*WARNING: If you are a first time dancer do NOT make the mistake of pairing up with another inexperienced dancer -- that risks creating the contra equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle as you go up and down the line.


Q: Is there a deadline for requesting housing?

A: Yes. October 18, 2019.

Q: Whom do I contact with housing-related questions?

A: Please contact the chair of our Housing Committee, Ann, .

Q: When will I hear who is providing my housing / Who my guest(s) are?

A: The housing coordinator will contact people requesting housing as soon as the housing registration deadline has passed and assignments are made. We will have a rendezvous location at the Hall so that you can meet up with your host/guest at the beginning of Break on Friday evening.

Q: What if I can't get to the dance until really late on Friday night or even until Saturday morning?

A: You will be given email and telephone contact information for your host(s) as soon as the assignments are made, please use it to get in touch ahead of time if you don't think that you are going to make the rendezvous at the beginning of break on Friday. It causes hosts a lot of anxiety when guests don't warn them in advance that they are coming late or not coming at all. NOTE: We keep a list of no-shows and if we get a report from your host that you failed to show without notifying them we will be a lot less willing to provide you with housing the next time you ask.


Q: I'm not sure I can make it for the whole weekend. May I register in advance for just certain sessions?

A: Yes! See the registration page for details.

Q: Something has come up and I can't come to Under the C(CD) after all. May I get a refund?

A: Yes, through November 1, 2019. Refunds of registrations made online (through the PayPal interface) are available through that site. Refunds for mailed in registrations are also available by written (email or snail mail) request.

Q: I'm short on cash, but I'd love to help out -- do you have work scholarships available?

A: No. We've been burned too often by work scholarship dancers who failed to do their work assignments or did them exceedingly poorly. So please don't petition for an exception to this -- as hard as it will be to say “No,” we'll say it anyway.


Q: Is Sunday breakfast Potluck again this year?

A: Yes, it is! Our Sunday potluck breakfast has become a cherished opportunity for dancers to gather, relax, chat, and re-charge between Waltzes in the main hall. WE NEED YOUR HELP in putting food on the table.

CCD will provide English Muffins, Orange Juice, Coffee, Vanilla Yogurt, Granola, plates, cutlery, serving utensils, and ambiance. That leaves a LOT of room on the table!! Please help us fill it!!!

Q: Who can come to the potluck breakfast on Sunday morning?

A: Everyone!! Entry to the breakfast is complimentary for dancers with a full weekend registration. Pay-as-you-go dancers should bring a contribution of food for the potluck or, barring that, $5 in cash, payable at the door.

Q: Where should I eat my other meals?

A: We will have maps available at the Registration Desk showing local restaurants within walking distance of the dance hall.