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A full copy of the Band Selection Committee Policies and Procedures, adopted February 7, 2011, is available for download by clicking here.

A summary of those parts of the full document that are most relevant to the procedures for band scheduling and evaluation is included below and may be downloaded as a pdf copy by clicking here.

Band Selection Committee


The Band Selection Committee (BSC) exists to help ensure that high quality music is provided at CCD Friday and Special Event dances.


The BSC reports to the CCD Steering Committee (SC). The BSC consists of three members, each of whom serve a three-year term. One member rotates off the BSC each year and is replaced by a newly elected member.

Members who have rotated off the BSC are eligible to run for re-election immediately. There is no limit on the number of terms that a BSC member may serve.

Current members of the BSC include:
Doug Singleton - rotating off at end of 2017
Will Hall - rotating off at end of 2018
Deanna Palumbo - rotating off at end of 2019

BSC Procedures

In addition to the procedures described below, the BSC solicits and incorporates community feedback when evaluating local (based in Atlanta) and out-of-town (not based in Atlanta) bands that have played / been scheduled to play at a Friday dance.


When an OOT band has applied for a booking but is not yet on the roster of pre-approved OOT bands:

  1. The CCD scheduler notifies the BSC;
  2. The BSC evaluates the band making that request and notifies the scheduler of its decision;
  3. Based on the BSC’s decision the scheduler does or does not provisionally place the band on a roster of pre-approved OOT bands and does or does not confirm a requested booking;
  4. When a band has been provisionally placed on the roster of pre-approved OOT bands at least one member of the BSC attends the first scheduled dance of that band and confirms or revokes approval for inclusion on the roster.
NOTE: In the event that no BSC member can attend a first scheduled dance, one or more CCD Steering Committee members may be designated by the BSC to fulfill the function described in #4 above.

Re-evaluations by the BSC of OOT bands are done under the following conditions:


The BSC – not the scheduler – has control over which local bands are placed on a roster of bands eligible to be booked for Friday dances (“local band roster”).

Being on the local band roster does not guarantee that a band will be booked for a Friday dance in a given quarter. The scheduler – not the BSC – has control over which bands on the roster are booked for Friday dances in a given quarter.

Evaluation of a local band by the BSC may be done under the following conditions:

Based on the BSC’s decision, the scheduler notifies the band that they will or will not be placed on the local band roster for the next four quarters.

Bands that are not placed on the local band roster may request a meeting with the BSC to discuss the reason(s) for that decision.

Re-evaluations by the BSC of local bands may be done under the following conditions:

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