Tuesday, April 23, 2002

8:00 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened

Steering Committee members present: Brian Baker, Rob Harper, Lalah Hightower, Jan Kent, Scott Russell, George Snyder, Bruce Tarnopolski,
Others present: Janet Shepherd, Fern Garber and Geoff Kent

Old Business:

Dance floor: We will arrange to have the floor at Morningside refinished during the November dance weekend. Doug is coordinating this project.

Coat rack: Needs to be assembled. Bruce will put it together, Lalah will bring coat hangers from home.

First aid kit: Tabled until next meeting where Roger will hopefully address this more fully. It was noted that there is possibly a kit already in the childcare room, and Bruce will check on this on Friday.

Fans: Morningside has agreed to fix the A/C. If that occurs, we have no need of the fans. Bruce's suggestion to move the band to other end of the gym was revisited.

What the Hey: 45 out-of-towners signed up so far in addition to the local crowd. Help with decorating on Friday was solicited.

Scheduling: The list of new bands and callers was provided. Discussion re: the following ensued:

Shadrack's Delight is scheduled for both Nov 1 and the Friday of the dance weekend – back-to-back weekends. Concerns about this were registered. Bruce is to check on whether or not a contract has been signed for both weekends.
Concerns re: Laura Light's most recent performance and upcoming scheduled spot were discussed.

How to handle future scheduling was discussed at length and will continue to evolve. It was suggested that we also take a proactive approach by brainstorming a list of bands we would like Seth to schedule.
It was suggested that an out-of-town caller be scheduled for the Mentone weekend.

Cub callers: Dennis will schedule Doug and George for _ evenings per quarter. Bruce will talk to Dennis to clarify with him how cubs get scheduled with whom and when.

New Business

Listserv: There are 120 members of the dance community on the listserv now, and not all are local. After What the Hey, Lalah will create a half-page advertisement to be given out on Friday nights about how to sign up for the CCD listserv.

Directories: Due out in May. A copy to proof and an email copy will be out soon.

Dance weekend: Janet

Theme: Contest stuff is out via fliers, egroups.
Deadline for submission is June 1.
We will begin soliciting chairpersons again soon.
Lalah will do preregistration this year.

Schedule: What workshops, when and where?
Sat, 10:30-12:00 Headline band
Sat. 1:45-3:15: choice: local contra dance and salsa/meringue or swing?
Sat: 3:30-5:00: choice between English Country (in big hall) and Cajun?
We will also consider requests for advanced classes in zydeco or waltzing, for example.
Sat: 5:15-7:00: Optional dinner. Fern offered to help George with this and noted that arrangements should begin soon. Tabled for further discussion later.
Sat: late night: Tomas' house for swing party? Doug and Ann's house for old time jam?
Sun: singing and wake-up waltzing: Janet will invite Tina Liza Jones to lead Sunday singing and Robert Jameson to play for wake up waltzes.
Sun: 11:00-1:00 Contra with Rodney

Sound system: Tim to do overall sound? The idea of offering him a raise was discussed. Is there any further equipment necessary for making the sound better in that space?
Quilts chair person will be better informed this year.
Full Circle was suggested for consideration for the local band for Saturday.

Shoes: Fern was asked about making a good visual sign re: “good shoes/bad shoes” for Morningside.

Next Meeting: Lalah's house on May 19, 2-4. Lalah will announce and send directions.

Agenda for next meeting:
Attendance for last 12 months
First aid kit
November dance weekend

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