April, 2003
hosted by Lilian Bryan

The Meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Rob Harper, Lalah Manly, Harriette Liske and Lilian Bryan.
Guests: John O'Neil, Kevin Liske, Sid Hetzler, Kimberly Sessions, Jude Harrington.

Sid Hetzler proposed bringing Richard Powers to Atlanta for a dance weekend. Richard Powers is not only an excellent contra caller, but is nationally renowned for his knowledge and teaching of waltzes. Sid proposed that Richard be the Friday night contra caller, and on Saturday and Sunday give Waltz workshops, with a waltz ball on Saturday night. The weekend Sid proposed is September 26th, the only weekend R.P. is available this fall. Sid asked to use the Morningside space and our insurance coverage. Sid impressed upon us that he will do all the work for the weekend (flyers, etc.). CCD will still have its regular Friday night contra with possibly an increased income for that night. Sid will be responsible for all other expenses connected with the Saturday and Sunday dances. We discussed insurance, sound equipment and other matters.
The members present were favorably inclined toward Sid's plan but did not vote on a decision, because some of St.C. members were absent and we did not have a quorum.
Bruce will follow up on this matter and contact the other CCD St.C. members and he hopes to have a definite answer for Sid by May 10th.
When we decide to let Sid go ahead with his plan, CCD will draw up a detailed contract/agreement with him.

Rocket Boys for Friday night with Cis Hinkle as caller, have been confirmed
Fetchin Cat for Saturday afternoon with Seth Tepfer as caller, have been confirmed.
for Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday with Steve Zakon and Anderson as caller, have been confirmed
Workshops: We discussed workshops for the 1:45-3:15 and 3:30-5:00 time slots. Main hall, side rooms and downstairs room will be used. Workshops will include advanced contra, salsa, open jam, waltz, English and perhaps Tango. Decisions have not yet been finalized.
Registration: Christin Whittington has designed an "Early Bird Registration" flyer which will be distributed right after 'What the Hey'. Lalah will handle registration.
Child care: Christin reported that there has been no response to our inquiry whether people will need child care. It was decided not to offer child care and to take the question regarding child care off the Early Bird registration flyer. Instead we will print "Child care will not be provided".
Payment for workshop instructors: We will offer $ 50 or a comp. per instructor. In the case of out of town instructors, we will offer a flat fee of $ 250 plus comp., which includes travel expenses. We will inquire about the availability of Wayne and Gaye Albright to teach waltz workshops..
Payment for bands: Contracts will specify that payment will be made to the band and not to individual band members. The exact fees for bands will be decided at the next meeting.
Attendance-capacity: Bruce will inquire as to the limit of number of persons allowed in the gym.

Harriette reported that the old account at Washington Mutual has been closed out and the balance transferred to our present account.
We discussed electronic payment for registrations and will check on this option.

Rob brought up the need for a central place for papers of importance. He could not find any paper work on our sound equipment. The St. C. decided that we would invest in a sturdy file box to hold all important papers for CCD. This box will be passed from one generation of St.C. members to the next. It is important that no one takes the liberty to throw out 'old' stuff, as it may be useful in the future as a historical record.

Emily Vorder Bruegge agreed to update our dancers' directory during May.

Lilian Bryan reported that she is coming out of retirement and is now fully engaged in her work. She expressed regret that she can no longer serve as Recording Secretary. Bruce assured her that another St. C. will take on this responsibility.

The next meeting of the CCD Steering Committee will take place on Wednesday, May 28th at 7:30 p.m. at Christin Whittington's house:
3490 Jackson Drive, Decatur. 404-288-6403 (

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 and all enjoyed the refreshments served.
Respectfully submitted,
Lilian Bryan, CCD Recording Secretary

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