August 11, 2002

Steering Committee members present: Brian Baker, Lillian Bryan, Rob Harper, Jan Kent, Lalah Manly, Scott Russell, Bruce Tarnopolski, Ann Whitley,
Other Community Members present: Geoff Kent, Harriette Liske,
John O’Neal, Christin Whittington

Old Business:
Evaluation of Out-of-town bands: The opportunity to provide Seth (scheduler) with feedback regarding bands and callers on the CCD website has been extended via the listserv to the entire dance community. This has been very popular.

Chris, our sound technician, is leaving. We have community volunteers who will take turns running sound on Friday nights until a more permanent person to fill the position can be identified. Scott is coordinating names of those in the community who are able to help with sound. The pay is reasonable ($75 per Friday) and dancers in the community are asked to let Scott know of leads. Susan Davis recently labeled cords clearly to facilitate use of the equipment while we are in transition. (Thanks, Susan!)

The election of 3 steering committee members to replace members rotating off the board (George Snyder, Brian Baker, and Scott Russell) will take place on October 11. After discussion, consensus was that the Steering Committee (SC) would ask the previous five Nominating Committee members to return or replace themselves (Bruce will contact them.). The Nominating Committee will offer the community a slate of names and the community will either approve or disapprove the slate. Scott made a motion (and was seconded) to say that the person serving as treasurer become an automatic member of the steering committee for as long as that person is serving as treasurer. Therefore, there are only 2 positions for which nominations are needed.

Further discussion indicated that the nominees should be advertised more thoroughly than in the past on the listserv and that the SC will provide guidance to the Nominating Committee to not put two members of the same household on the board at the same time. Ultimately, however, this is to be left to the discretion of the Nominating Committee. All are welcome at SC meetings.

CCD Community Day:
On October 11, CCD will provide a free Friday night dance to the community to say thank you to all volunteers. Jump in the Skillet will play. Bruce proposed that there be a 15-minute meeting at the break for an overview of the year, the election, solicitation for volunteers for the November dance weekend, and final words from the outgoing steering committee.


The new CCD bank account is open with Washington Mutual.

Beginning September 1, Morningside will increase rent from $250 to $275.

November Dance:
November 8-10. Christin presented a draft flyer that looked excellent. Copies will be made for distribution at Mentone and put in the mail soon after that. Discussion followed regarding the legality of the graphics on the flyer and

Though the SC had recommended asking Seth and Janet to share duties as local caller at the dance, Seth requested that Janet be invited for this year, and that he perhaps be considered for next year. SC agreed to this.

We will ask Lisa if she will give her excellent dance/etiquette instruction during the weekend.

Doug is working on plane tickets for band members and it was suggested that he check on Jeremiah McClain’s participation in Airdance.

The Morningside gym floor will be refinished during the November dance weekend.

New Business:
Cub Caller Program: Doug called the second half of the dance on Aug 9 with good success. We will review the cub caller program in September.

Executive Session:
In the interest of creating necessary policy before it is actually needed, the group discussed the circumstances under which a closed executive meeting might be necessary and the procedures for how this would follow. Members of just the steering committee would meet in a closed session.

Community condolences: Kate Hawk’s son’s death is impending. Group consensus was that a basket for donations from the community would be set up at the next 3 dances and proceeds would be donated directly to Kate for use at her discretion. Lillian donated a beautiful book for community members to sign and offer condolences.

New Year’s Eve Dance: Lalah announced that the creators of “What the Hey” (Seth, Pam, Bruce, and Lalah) are pursuing the possibility of hosting a special New Year’s Eve dance at Morningside called “Floor Play.” They will be seeking the same support from CCD as was provided for What the Hey. There will be more information on this at the September meeting.

Scott has been speaking with Bill McClain about building a stage for use on Friday nights. Once a design is developed, it will be taken to Morningside for approval.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 10 at Harriette’s new home.
Directions: From Decatur- Take Memorial Dr. to Rockbridge RD. Go East 5 lights. At the 5th light make a left onto Spring St. Go right onto Popular Drive, left on Pine St., and a left on Dogwood Dr.
Harriette and Kevin Liske, 506 Spring St., 404-299-2331

Respectfully submitted, Lilian Bryan, CCD Steering Committee Secretary

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