February 21, 2002

9:00 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened

Steering Committee Members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Ann Whitley, Scott Russell, George Snyder, Rob Harper, Geoff Kent (in place of Jan Kent), Lilian Bryan.
Guests were: Janet Shepherd, Doug Singleton, Roger McLain.

Items discussed were:

CHILDCARE: the demand for child care is erratic; there is no pattern regarding the need for child care. We have a good child caregiver and will keep her for the time being. We will probably need her more when we have larger crowds -  when we have an out of town band.

DANCE SAFETY: Bruce spoke to the individual in question and a letter was mailed to him. The dancer took the criticism in the right spirit. All callers need to address people who are to rough on the dance floor. Callers will hold a meeting to discuss a consistent response to unruly behavior, in order that the same message is given every time.

WHAT THE HEY: The dance weekend plans (May 3-5) are in full swing. So far 18 people are signed up, mostly from out of town. CCD will cover the extra insurance, which will be partially or fully compensated by additional Friday night dancers.

UPDATED DANCE DIRECTORY: Jim Cain is updating the names
and addresses, based on slips filled in at the dance. March 15th will be the deadline for additions and/or changes. Emilie and Lilian will take care of the printing.

NOVEMBER 2002 DANCE WEEKEND: The band Nightingale is not available. Rodney Miller band has been approached and they are available. The particulars, such as fees, still have to be negotiated and firmed up. Doug is working up a contract.
As the second band for Friday night we are considering Laura and the Lava Lamps. Cost is a consideration. We had a discussion regarding how many sessions either band should play. We also want to showcase our local talent sometime during the weekend. Fees will have to be adapted to the number of sessions a band will be playing. We discussed our preference for Friday evening: Laura and the Lava Lamps
Rodney Miller: Saturday day and evening. Sunday: Rodney Miller

CUB CALLERS: We have 3 Cub Callers (Doug, George and Rob) who have called at dances for us. These callers have been actively calling outside Atlanta as well.
A discussion followed regarding a Cub Caller's readiness to call an entire Friday night and be put on regular rotation ( in addition to the 6 or 7 regulars on rotation).
The Steering Committee expressed their desire to give some careful thought to establishing proper procedures whereby a Cub Caller can become a regular caller. Approval for a specific cub caller to be moved to the list of regulars will be then made by vote and consensus of the Steering Committee.

CUB BANDS: We will feature some very talented local musicians, made up of our dancers,  to play for the dance on March 15th. This is an opportunity for this new band, "Jump in the Skillet", to be introduced to a Friday night dance. Rehearsal with sound system will take place prior to the March 1 dance.

ANGEL BUTTONS: Buttons with "I will dance with beginners" is a good idea, but for various reasons discussed, we will not do it.

2001 DANCE WEEKEND REPORT: Janet Shepherd emphasized that much
volunteer work is needed. We want to learn from past mistakes. Though there were few problems, some can be avoided in the future, for example, a theft of money taken from the bleachers, also we need to look at timing of preregistrations and regular registrations. Bruce suggested setting up a clear time line for all the various preparations.

SCHEDULING POLICY: Seth submitted an e-mail dealing with this matter
which was passed around. Bruce suggested digesting this information and table the matter to be dealt with at the next meeting.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Doug Singleton gave the treasurer's report and brought to our attention (again) that CCD loses money and dips into savings more and more every year.  A discussion followed, with emphasis on protecting our savings for future expenses (replacing equipment, etc.). We must attempt to run our organization at a break-even  rate. Other dance venues near and far generally charge more than we do. Our admission of $5.00 ($6.00 for out of town bands) has been the same for many years. Therefore a raise in the admission cost of Friday night dances by $ 1.00 was suggested. This would earn us $ 7,000 more per year and leave our reserves untouched. Geoff Kent (in place of Jan) made a motion to raise the Friday night dance admission fee by $1.00, making it $6.00 for in town bands, $7.00 for out of town bands. The new admission fee will charged starting on Friday, April 5th. Roger seconded the motion. The motion was passed by a majority vote.

Next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday March 24th at 3:30 at Lilian Bryan's house.
For directions, e-mail or call Lilian at 404-266-1963.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lilian Bryan
Secretary, CCD Steering Committee

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