February 9, 2003

The meeting was hosted by Jan Kent.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Jan Kent, Harriette Liske, Emily Vorder Bruegge, Lalah Manly, Rob Harper, Ann Whitley.
Guests: Kevin Liske, George Snyder, Pam Eidson, Seth Tepfer, John O’Neal, Janet Shepherd and David Woolf.

"WHAT THE HEY?": Lalah asked that the previous meetings' minutes reflect the following changes: Bruce and Lalah participated in the discussion of What the Hey 2003 by providing information but did not vote (conflict of interest). The proposal offered by Seth was a reflection of all four event-coordinators (Seth, Pam, Lalah, Bruce). The amount offered to CCD as reimbursement for use of the hall and lost revenue was $875 rather than $775.

"WHAT THE HEY?" addressed by Pam Eidson: the Memorandum of Agreement is being drafted regarding the relationship between What the Hey and CCD. Pam will email this out to the steering committee members for discussion.

KEYS: Keys to Morningside are currently held by David Woolf, Larry Enlow, Roger McLain, Janet Shepherd, and Scott Russell. David suggested that if more are needed, we can ask Morningside for duplicates.

BANKING, addressed by Harriette: We currently have a business account with Washington Mutual. Following discussion of services and fees offered on other account possibilities with Washington Mutual, Harriette agreed to check with some other institutions. She will also check with Doug about getting the rest of the bank statements missing from the files.

English Country Dance weekend, addressed by David Woolf: This weekend began as a joint event between ECD and CCD. The same band has played on Friday night all eight years and has been paid $500 by CCD. ECD pays CCD $6/head ($7/head now) for all dancers registered for the weekend who dance on Friday night, generating $300-$350 in profit for CCD. David has been the caller and has been compensated $50 each year. ECD rents the stage, an expensive piano, and uses his sound equipment. David was invited to come back to the CCD steering committee annually. The ECD weekend for 2003 is September 13-15.

Dance Hotline (404-Mega585), addressed by David Woolf: This hotline has not had as much traffic on it lately as in past years. Maintenance of the hotline is not a difficult thing, but asking each of the groups who list their organizations on the voice mail to update their information and pay for part of the phone line is bothersome. It is felt that the contra website may be filling the need for information. CCD paid its portion of the fee for 2002 ($120) and for the first 2 months of 2003. The steering committee then decided to discontinue its participation in the Atlanta Dance Hotline. Seth will contact the other groups who have their dances listed on the line to let them know it is being discontinued as of March 1, and Janet will contact CDSS.

L/L Charity Dance, addressed by Seth Tepfer: Through Team in Training, Seth is participating in the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Alaska, June 21, to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He would like to host a benefit dance at Morningside on Sunday, March 9 as a fundraiser. He asked CCD for use of its sound equipment and advertisement on the CCD website. Seth will take care of insurance. This was approved by the Steering Committee.

Free passes for charity event, addressed by George Snyder: Kitty Wimbish has asked for two free passes to a Friday night dance to be used in a silent auction for Clipped Wings, benefiting retired flight attendants. The Steering Committee agreed and also sanctioned providing two passes to a Tuesday night dance.

Friday night, opening and closing, addressed by Bruce Tarnopolski and Lalah Manly: Alcohol was discovered in the gym by church staff on a Saturday morning in January. CCD will take the following actions on this: Lalah will draft a letter to the church letting them know we have identified the perpetrators, and that they have agreed not to do this again; church policy regarding alcohol use on church property will be posted on the website and on a sign to be hung on Friday nights at the gym. Regarding opening and closing, Christin agreed to bring out brooms for sweeping prior to the last waltz to remind dancers to help with cleanup, and George will post more details about opening and closing the dance on the listserv to encourage more volunteers to help with this.

Stage, addressed by John O’Neal: The best stage for CCD’s needs appears to be a mobile stage in four carpeted sections that can be stored in the gym or side room. It is UL rated to 200 lbs/sq ft, which would hold a piano, and can be set up by one person. It can also be transported to Decatur Rec for the November dance weekend (cost of stage rental for that event is currently $721). With delivery, this would cost $4900. Bruce will take copies of the literature to Morningside for their approval, whether we go ahead with the purchase or not (to be decided at a later time). Thanks were expressed to Scott Russell and John O’Neal for the efforts on this matter.

Sound system, addressed by Rob Harper: Pieces of CCD’s sound board are falling apart and affecting the quality of sound at dances. Rob will speak to Scott Russell about some diagnostic and preventative maintenance and come back to the committee with an estimate of cost.

Name buttons: Steering Committee members are asked to start wearing name buttons again and to encourage others to wear them as well. Janet will make new buttons for new dancers to use.

November dance weekend: Pam is the talent coordinator and is dealing with only 4 contracts (which will go out this week). Keith Murphy has asked for childcare for his 2-year-old. CCD agreed to help identify someone who would be willing to baby sit the child on Saturday night at the place where the family is staying, and ask Keith to be responsible for paying for this service. Pam will find out what their price range is. Ginger Lyons, Karen and Darrell, and Joan and Keith may be people who can help in finding appropriate personnel. Christin Whittington and Kevin Liske are the new November dance weekend chairs. The weekend’s dates are November 7-9.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: The next Steering Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 19th at Harriette Liske's home, beginning at 7:30.

(All dancers are welcome to attend the CCD Steering committee meetings).

Respectfully submitted by
Lalah Manly, Steering Committee member

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