January 15, 2002

8:00 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened

Steering Committee members present: Ann Whitley, Scott Russell, Brian Baker, Lilian Bryan, Lalah Hightower, George Snyder, and Rob Harper.
In addition, 12 guests, members of the CCD, attended the meeting.

The issues discussed were:

: We will no longer use the negative term  "outside agitators" for members of CCD who attend the Steering Committee meetings.

TELEPHONE DIRECTORY: An updated version of the CCD members' telephone directory will be compiled and published. Emilie has volunteered to take on this task, with help from Lilian Bryan.

SAFETY ON THE DANCE FLOOR: There have been complaints by some dancers who have been hurt or felt threatened by overly exuberant antics of certain dancers on the dance floor. After some discussion regarding this problem, Bruce made the motion to add to the CCD by-laws, to Article IV. Membership, the following sentence: " Attendance at all CCD events is conditional upon safe and courteous behavior."  This motion was seconded, unanimously approved and carried. Furthermore, the group decided that a letter be written to the individual in question.

CCD SUPPORT OF SPRING DANCE WEEKEND: The group "What the Hey", comprised of  4 CCD members: Pam, Bruce, Lalah and Seth, are willing to organize a spring dance weekend in Atlanta.  Their plan is to have a second dance weekend, besides the November one, and to offer this event with 'no frills' to the wider Southeastern and beyond dance communities.  The date set for this weekend event is May 3-5 and the venue will be Morningside Baptist Church. Talent being considered: Strings Beings, Merriweather, Robert Cromartie (tentatively confirmed)
A discussion followed regarding their need to come under the umbrella of CCD for insurance purposes, as well as for the use of sound equipment and web site.  Financially, CCD can profit from the added attendance at the Friday night dance. Volunteers will be needed to help with housing, Sat. night refreshments, making buttons and cleanup.
A motion was made by Scott to support this spring dance weekend to be held in cooperation with CCD and to grant the items mentioned above.   This motion was unanimously approved and carried.

NOVEMBER 2002 DANCE WEEKEND - Bands and Callers: a lively discussion of favorite bands resulted in a list of about 14 bands. From this list 4 of the most favorite bands were chosen by votes from all participants at the meeting. They are: The Lizards, Nightingale, Rodney Miller, Bob McQuillan (possibly together with Rodney Miller)
Next, we collected suggestions for callers and again we compiled a list of about 10 favorite callers. The most favorite was narrowed down by a vote to be Lisa Greenleaf.
Janet was commissioned to contact Lisa Greenleaf to find out:
     a) her availability, and
     b) her choice of band from our list of 4 favorite bands.
We will attempt to commit both, the caller and the band, as soon as possible.

DORAVILLE DANCE: Brian gave his report, stating that the Doraville dance is going well, despite its somewhat low attendance. This event appears to have developed into a family dance. Thanks were expressed for the support given by CCD to the Doraville dance, financial and otherwise.

CHILDCARE: George reported on his contact with Leana. The cost has been $ 20.00 from the CCD cash box, as well as $ 2.00 per child paid by the parent. This amounts to be an expense to CCD of about $ 1,000 per year, which CCD can ill afford. A discussion followed whether to discontinue child care during dances, or whether to increase the fee to be paid by the parents. The recommendation was made that Leana decide on her fee and then contract her fee directly with the parents, with no further financial support from CCD. Bruce recommended to transition the child care service to become a self-sustaining service to the dance community. George has been asked to discuss this matter with Leana.

Will be held on Thursday, February 21, at 7:30 p.m. at Ann Whitley's house. The dance community of CCD is invited to attend.

Respectfully submitted, Lilian Bryan

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