January 8, 2003

The meeting was held at Ann Whitley and Doug Singleton's home and was called to order at 7:50 p.m.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Jan Kent, Harriette Liske, Emily Vorder Bruegge, Lalah Manly, Ann Robinson, Rob Harper, Ann Whitley, Lilian Bryan.
Guests: Kevin Liske, George Snyder, Pam Edition, Seth Tepfer, John O'Neil, Janet Shepherd, Scott Russell and Doug Singleton.

KEYS: From the last minutes
Bruce will check with Larry, David and Dennis regarding keys to the gym.

"WHAT THE HEY": Lalah brought up the possible conflict of interest between WTH and CCD. Seth presented the mission of WTH. He emphasized that WTH should in no way be in conflict with CCD. Seth brought up the difficulties of dividing up cost of bands, insurance, Friday night door money, etc. Seth wants clarity what is WTH's responsibilities, what is CCD's responsibilities. Seth proposed that the entire weekend should be a WTH event in terms of all expenses and responsibilities. WTH would reimburse CCD for rent of space, rent of equipment, loss of income, etc. The amount Seth proposed is $875.00. A lively discussion followed regarding the pros and cons of Seth's proposal. We discussed non-profit status, insurance, etc.

Bruce requested a letter of agreement from the organizers of WTH, as well as a certificate of insurance prior to the scheduled WTH dance. Such an agreement is valid only for this one specific event. A motion was made by Harriette to accept this proposal and it was accepted unanimously.

A discussion followed regarding David Woolf's arrangements with CCD and the English Dance Weekend. We will invite David to attend the March CCD meeting to clarify our relationship with him and English Dance Weekend.

STAGE: John O'Neil contacted different vendors and thoroughly researched the possibilities to purchase the right kind of stage for us. There are 2 types: a) portable (moving parts) and b) mobile (folding up). The mobile type can be handled by a single person. The mobile unit has wheels. We would need 4 units for larger bands. The units can be stacked. They are carpeted. 4 units would cost a total of $3,000. The portable units weigh 200 lbs. each. It would take 2 people to put them together. It would be a big job to assemble and disassemble the portable units each Friday.
Storage: We can use the storage room or perhaps place them in a corner in the gym. We will have to check with the church. At the next meeting in February we will get the final figures from John and will make a decision at that time. We will take into account the fact that, having our own stage, we will not need to rent a stage each year for the November weekend.

FETCHIN CAT: Scott wants to have a guest fiddler, Bob Kogut, and asked for an extra $50 for his travel. Bruce proposed that we pay this extra $50 and all agreed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Harriette brought up a discussion on placing our funds in an interest earning situation. We decided to do 2 things: a) use an interest earning checking account, and b) put some money into a CD. Harriette will make a specific proposal at the next meeting.

CLAYFOOT STRUTTERS will be performing in Birmingham May 17th and they would like to play the Atlanta Friday night dance on the 16th. They need a drum set, keyboard, pickup from airport, housing Friday night and they want a % of the door. We discussed the possibility of renting the equipment from folks rather than from an expensive store. We are considering an extra charge at the door. Lalah made a motion to accept this plan and the motion was carried unanimously. Seth will contact the Clayfoot Strutters to confirm.

NOVEMBER DANCE WEEKEND 2003: Pam will take care of contracts. She asked whether the contracts should include food allowance and airport parking. We decided that we will provide bands with Friday night dinner. Pam should inquire whether band members will have family along and will need childcare.

RED MOUNTAIN WHITE TRASH: Seth asked about paying more to the Trash and the members present decided that we will stand by our decision what to pay them made earlier.

NEXT MEETING will be focused entirely on preparation for the November Dance Festival and will take place on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:30 p.m. at Janet Shepherd's house ( 770-939-8646). All persons interested in participating in this labor of love, please come.

AFTER DANCE VOLUNTEER PARTY is scheduled for Sunday, November 17th at 5:00 o'clock at Janet's house.

NEXT MEETING is scheduled for Sunday, February 9th at 4:00 p.m. at Jan Kent's house. For directions to Jan's house at 423 Ansley Street in Decatur, contact her at 404-687-9377 or There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

(All dancers are welcome to attend the CCD Steering committee meetings).

Respectfully submitted by
Lilian Bryan, Recording Secretary for CCD

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