June 18, 2002

7:45 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened in the home of Janet Shepherd.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Ann Whitley, Jan Kent, Lalah Hightower, Rob Harper, George Snyder, Brian Baker, Scott Russell, Lilian Bryan.
Guests were: Janet Shepherd, Fern Garber, Harriette Liske, Kevin Liske, Neil Krull, Roger McLain, Doug Singleton, Christin Whittington.


DIRECTORY: The directory is being completed; 100 copies will be printed out and made available to the dance community. People will be invited to make a donation to help defray the cost. More copies will be printed, if needed.

Doug Singleton announced with regret his resignation as Treasurer for CCD. Doug received accolades for his excellent accounting services for CCD for the past 4 years. His treasurer's report is attached to these minutes. Doug turned over the treasurer's job to Harriette Liske and we expressed to her our congratulations and gratitude. Harriette will open a new bank account for CCD. Harriette was advised to purchase the necessary software (about $ 70) for her accounting work. Doug asked to continue to do the CCD tax returns. Scott made the motion that we pay Doug to do our upcoming tax returns. This motion was seconded by Bruce and unanimously approved.

Doug reported that the 'What the Hey' event in May cleared over $2,000 after expenses.

Doug announced that he has all contracts in place for the November Dance Weekend. He will also handle the airline tickets.

In order to have better information on our income, Bruce asked Doug to track the attendance at dances in the past.


Doug announced that the Roswell Folk Music Festival wishes to rent CCD's sound equipment for August 24 and 25 for $300. After some discussion, Bruce made a motion to approve the request and this motion was approved unanimously.

CHILDCARE: Childcare for the Dance Weekend is still an open question. Lalah will find out how many children were in our child care last year.

FIRST AID: Roger informed the group of the great expense of purchasing a heart fibrillator; therefore this idea was abandoned.

SHOE POLICY: We discussed how we can get dancers to wear soft sole shoes to preserve the floor. It was decided to make a large sign with pictures of shoes, good and bad. Earl will take pictures and Fern agreed to make the sign, for some compensation.

THEME for the Dance Weekend: A list of suggested themes (copy attached to these minutes) was handed around and we looked at each of the many clever ideas. Suggestions were sent to us from local, as well as out of town dancers. From a lively discussion emerged a vote for the 2 favorite themes and the winners were:

1 "Dr. Seuss" submitted by Joseph Steinhauser
2 "Alice in Contraland" submitted by Jan Kent

As we could not come up with a catchy title for our # 1 choice "Dr.Seuss", we postponed further discussion to the next meeting. People are asked to bring some Dr.Seuss books along with ideas.

The next CCD Steering Committee meeting: Sunday, July 14th at 3 p.m. at Lilian Bryan's house at 2355 Virginia Place; Tel: 404-266-1963.
All interested dancers are invited to attend.

At 9:20 p.m. Bruce made the motion to adjourn the meeting and we thanked Janet for her lovely hospitality.

Respectfully submitted by Lilian Bryan, CCD Recording Secretary

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