March 19, 2003
hosted by Harriette & Kevin Liske

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Harriette Liske, Jan Kent, Ann Robinson, Rob Harper, Ann Whitley, Emily VorderBruegge and Lilian Bryan.
Guests: Kevin Liske, Scott Russell, Christin Whittington, George Snyder, Fern Garber.

Old Business

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING (Feb. 9) were approved.

KEYS TO MORNINGSIDE: there seem to be enough keys; however, we need the correct size Allen wrench to keep the front door unlocked during the dance. Bruce will check with church.

BUTTONS: Janet will prepare 100 name tag buttons and all dancers are encouraged to wear these buttons on Friday nights.

STAGE: this purchase has been postponed; preempted by sound equipment repairs.

New Business

TREASURER’S REPORT: We are closing an old account at Washington Mutual Bank and have opened a new account at Med Com Credit Union. We can enjoy a number of benefits with this bank, including an interest earning savings account.

• Christin designed a timeline chart (attached to these minutes) for all necessary activities and responsibilities in preparation for the dance weekend
• Christin introduced a preliminary flyer she is designing, which states the pertinent facts of the dance weekend, to be distributed at out-of-town summer and fall dances
Cost of dance weekend: $50 before and $60 after a specified due date.
We must question dancers about their possible need for child care
Friday night caller: Bruce made a motion to ask Cis Hinkle to be our Friday night caller and all present approved this motion.
• Friday night band: preferably one that does not have to be flown in
Saturday afternoon band: a local band, different from the Friday night band
We created a list of preferred bands for Friday night and the majority of the people present voted for the #1 choice: The Rocket Boys; Second choice is Fetchin’ Cat; third choice: Carnival Knowledge. We will check regarding the availability of the bands. One of the bands chosen will be the Friday night band, the other one will be asked to play Saturday afternoon.
Fees for the bands was discussed
SOUND EQUIPMENT: Rob had the sound equipment repaired and has transported it to the shop and back to the gym. We thanked him for his time and effort. Cost of repair: $355.00
• CUB CALLERS: The question has been asked, "How does one become a Cub Caller?" Barbara Kirchner is interested in joining the Cub Callers’ list and rotation. She has called on several Tuesday night dances.
• NEIL’S VIDEO: George brought up that Neil has taken a video at a recent dance and wants to show it on our web site, as a ‘streaming video’. The video was well done, but we discussed an improved version, perhaps done by professionals. Dancers will sign a release form. We will check this out with Seth regarding the CCD list serve and with Earl and Gail regarding our web site.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, April 27th at 4:00 o’clock at Lilian Bryan’s house at 2355 Virginia Place. For directions, e-mail her at Lbryan1961@ or call her at 404-266-1963

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. and everyone thanked Harriette and Kevin for their hospitality.

Respectfully submitted,
Lilian Bryan, CCD Recording Secretary

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