March 24, 2002

3:40 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened

Steering Committee members present : Bruce Tarnopolski, Ann Whitley, Scott Russell, Brian Baker, Lalah Hightower, Jan Kent, Rob Harper and Lilian Bryan
GUESTS: Janet Shepherd, Roger McLain, John O'Neil, Doug Singleton


“Jump in the Skillet” band was a great success. We are looking forward to a repeat performance.

Cub Callers: George Snyder's request, at last meeting, to call a whole Friday night was discussed at length. The committee decided that CCD will make decisions dealing with Cub Callers based on a policy dealing with such matters. We discussed policy based on past history, as well as future implications.
a) It has been CCD's practice that a caller who is ready to call a whole Friday night, will be eligible to be put on rotation. This policy will hold.
b) Cub Callers fall into 2 categories:
     1) First level beginner Cub Callers: they may call 1, 2 or 3 dances          approximately once per month,
     2) Second level experienced Cub Callers: may call half a Friday night          dance, together with an experienced caller, once per quarter.
         CCD sets a limit to two half-night cub callers per quarter.
c) The CCD Steering Committee will decide by a consensus vote when a Cub Caller is ready to move from calling half of a Friday night to a full Friday night, which means this caller will be ready for regular rotation. The CCD Steering Committee will invite the Cub Caller whom it has voted on to be ready for such a move.
d)  All callers, cub callers and regular callers will arrange scheduling with Dennis.       

The CCD Steering Committee established the above policy by consensus.


Scheduling Friday Night Dances, as per Seth's e-mail letter, attached to these minutes:
a) bands are designated "local" or "out of town" based on geographic location
b) Seth will be requested to forward to the CCD Steering Committee, via e-mail, a quarterly schedule of bands and callers
c) Out of town bands which are scheduled far in advanced should be reviewed by the Steering Committee
d) Fees: local bands: band gets $300, caller gets $50
             out of town bands: band gets $400, caller gets $100
             November Dance Weekend: special fees apply

Role of CCD President
Although the president signs legal papers and contracts, all decisions concerning CCD activities should be brought to the Steering Committee for action, as per the bylaws.

November Dance Weekend
Schedule and theme to be discussed at next meeting
A theme contest will be organized by Janet Shepherd
Doug reported that most of the contracts for the band members and callers have been signed and returned.

Morningside Dance Floor
Doug reminded the committee that our agreement with the church is to refinish the floor as needed. The committee decided to refinish the floor during the November Dance Weekend. The committee discussed that we need to be firmer regarding our proper dance shoes policy. Newcomers don't seem to know about it. We will ask Fern to make a large sign and we will list our shoe policy on the printed schedule, as well as in the upcoming new directory (under policies).

Coat Rack
Lilian will buy a rolling coat rack that can be rolled in and out of the gym. . Coats which have been abused and stepped on will have a coat rack with hangers. Coat hangers will be donated.
equipment and give a simple demo to the Steering Committee at the next meeting.

First Aid Equipment
Roger McLain, trained in CPR, suggested some basic life saving equipment to be purchased and kept at the dance. Minutes of proper technique with the right tools can save a life. Roger will let CCD know about prices of the basic equipment and give a simple demo to the Steering Committee at the next meeting.

Fans - A/C - Water - Wall in parking lot
We discussed the need for fans, but decided instead to focus on getting the a/c fully functioning. Doug will speak to Morningside regarding this matter. At the same time, he will bring up plumbing needs (running toilets) and installing a new water fountain with good water. Tony Sharko, stone mason, offered to organize and supervise repairing a stone wall in the parking area.

a) Financial statements are available to anyone attending a Steering Committee meeting, as well as to anyone who requests a copy.
b) "Jump in the Skillet" band donated $180 to Chris to buy sound equipment c) "What the Hey" band will pay CCD the Friday night May dance weekend income at the previously agreed rate of $6.00 per person.
e) a donation of $650 to the 9/11 NY United Fireman's Fund has been set aside and will bematched by CCD. The total donation of $ 1,300 will be sent at this time.

Next Steering Committee meeting will be held at Jan Kent's house on April 23, at 7:30 (for directions call:404-687-9377 or e-mail

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 o'clock.

Respectfully submitted by Lilian Bryan

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