Sunday, May 19, 2002

2:30 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened

Steering Committee members present: Brian Baker, Rob Harper, Lalah Hightower, Jan Kent and Bruce Tarnopolski
Others present: Fern Garber, John O'Neal

Old Business:

First aid kit: Tabled until next meeting where Roger will hopefully address this more fully. Bruce was not able to locate an existing kit at Morningside.

What the Hey: 150 dancers registered for the whole weekend. 306 people were at the Friday night dance, so CCD came out very well (double the usual income). CCD paid for the food for the Friday night dancers.

Roswell Festival: Doug (not in attendance, so several issues around this still need clarification) is requesting that CCD allow a festival in Roswell to rent CCD's sound equipment for their dance. Chris Haynes will be running sound.

Finance report: Tabled until next meeting.

Listserv information: Lalah created a _ page flier that can be distributed on Friday nights to encourage community members to sign up for the CCD listserv.

CCD directory: We will print 50 and sell them at $1 each. We can make more if these sell out. Bruce will speak to Jim Cain (keeper of the database) to see if there is an easy way to isolate all of the email addresses in the directory so that an announcement about the directory and the listserv can be emailed to them.

Lights from What the Hey: It was suggested that the group consider buying the lights from Seth and making them a regular fixture for Friday nights. The consensus was that this will not be pursued at this time because the room may be too dark for beginners. Also, it was hoped that the novelty of the lights can be kept for special occasions.

A/C Service: Bruce will talk to Sandra at Morningside to ask if repairs have been made yet.

New Business

Advertising: Seth (in absentia) offered to check on the steps to and costs of advertising the Friday night dance on a regular basis in Creative Loafing and the AJC. The free options he has steering committee approval to act on immediately; those requiring money will be brought back to the steering committee for approval. In addition, the group brainstormed other ways to advertise in the community. John O'Neal shared an example of information about the Marching Abominables that can be easily distributed to interested parties all of the information fits on a business card. This will be further discussed at later meetings.

Childcare: We currently have no provider for childcare services because there have been few or no children to be taken care of. Despite fears that lack of childcare might discourage attendance, attendance has not changed in the last month. The group discussed the fact that when the need becomes a strong one (more families at the dance with young children who need supervision), the topic will be revisited. At this point, it is not a financially viable option for CCD to undertake.

Advanced contra workshops: In the course of discussing workshop possibilities for the weekend, new committee members learned that there used to be a lesson on advanced contra moves taught for seasoned dancers during the beginner's lesson. Several steering committee members were excited by the idea of renewing this effort.

Dance Weekend: (Janet and Bruce, co-chairs)

Childcare: Historically, we have offered childcare on Saturday during the day. Tabled.

Friday's caller: Cis will be asked to call with Shadrack's Delight.
Schedule (to be distributed by August 1):
Friday night: Shadrack's Delight with Cis.
Saturday, 10:30-12:00: Rodney Miller
Saturday, 1:45-3:15: Contra with Peavine Creek, Janet and Seth co-calling in the main hall, salsa workshop in either the childcare room or downstairs (Jim Byrd and Bonnie Mitchell will be approached about teaching this).
Saturday, 3:30-5:00: English Country dancing in the main hall, Lindy Hop workshop/dance in one of the other rooms (John O'Neal as point of information/contact on this dance).
Jam sessions will be offered during both afternoon sessions as well.
Saturday evening: pre-concert with Rodney Miller (and possibly skits prior to the dance rather than at the break).
Sun: singing and wake-up waltzing: Janet will invite Tina Liza Jones to lead singing and Robert Jameson to play for wake up waltzes.
Sun: 11:00-1:00 Contra with Rodney Miller

Saturday night dinner: Several options were considered. We can offer dancers a good survey of local restaurants and let them find their own. We can make reservations for 12 people at 8 different restaurants then let people sign up for where they want to eat. Bruce will discuss this further with George and prior to the next meeting.

Merchandise: t-shirts and cups only... plus leftover socks from last year.

Theme contest deadline is June 3 so the theme will be decided at the next meeting. Discussion of theme submissions will not include knowledge of who submitted what.

Comping: The following policies were agreed upon:
Out-of-town teachers, callers and band members do not pay for the weekend and may invite one guest/spouse in for free as well. Local teachers, callers and band members do not pay for the weekend, but are not invited to bring in a guest for free. However, contracts already offered and signed will be honored. Dance weekend co-chairs, CCD treasurer and the volunteer doing pre-registration will not pay for the weekend but are not invited to bring in a guest for free. Further comping will be at the discretion of the co-chairs, to be used where they feel community members put in excessive time in preparation for the weekend. All other volunteers will be thanked for their help with the annual volunteer party after the weekend.

Next Meeting: at Janet's house on June 18, 7:30-9:30.
Agenda for next meeting:
First aid kit
Advertising via business cards
Attendance for last 12 months
Financial report
Roswell festival
November dance weekend

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