May 28, 2003

The meeting was held at Christin Whittington’s home on May 28 and called to order at 7:45 pm.

Steering Committee members present: Lilian Bryan, Rob Harper, Lalah Manly, Ann Robinson, Bruce Tarnopolski, Emily Vorder Bruegge, Ann Whitley.
Guests: Barb Kirchner, Kevin Liske, Clyde Ranney, Kimberly Sessions, Christin Whittington, Allegra Whitney.

CCD Secretary: Lilian said she has enjoyed serving as the recording secretary and would like to do it again. But because she has become increasingly busy in her work, she passed the notebook to Emily Vorder Bruegge.

What the Hey (WtH) weekend: Described as a wonderful success and the organizers broke even financially. The steering committee decided to reimburse the organizers of WtH for four complimentary passes honored at the door on Friday night of the WtH weekend. The four newcomer passes had been issued previously by CCD, but presented in lieu of payment to What the Hey. It was decided to pay them back in kind - that is, each of the four organizers of WtH (Lalah, Bruce, Seth and Pam) will be allowed a free admission to a Friday night dance of their choosing.

The capacity of the Decatur Rec Center is 1200 people. It was pointed out that CCD would never have that many dancers in the building, but at least it has been determined that CCD is not in danger of violating any official limits in that regard.
Fetchin’ Cat is confirmed for the Saturday afternoon contra dance.
Flyers: Christin prepared small flyers to be distributed all summer at dance weekends and has lined up people to take the flyers to each event. She prepared and distributed an updated timeline. She also prepared a list of committees and jobs, some filled and some still needing to be filled.
WORKSHOPS: Gaye Fifer and Wayne Albright will do two waltz workshops Saturday afternoon. Christin suggested that Several Dancer’s Core could be rented for $19 an hour for the waltz workshops. There was consensus that this would be a good idea and the cost not prohibitive.
A discussion followed about the different possible Saturday afternoon workshops, activities and locations. It was questioned whether four simultaneous dance activities on Saturday afternoon might decrease attendance to a detrimental degree at any or all of the dances or workshops.
The Musician’s Jam is well attended each year and will be in the "ex-child care room." The English County dance is well attended and will be held in the "Side Room." There was some discussion where to locate a possible caller’s workshop with Steve Zakon-Anderson. Ann Whitley will check with the library next door to the Rec Center, and Bruce also suggested the "Side Side Room" in the Decatur Rec Center.

The question has come up from individuals asking Lalah, when registering for dances, whether they could work for a reduced ticket price. There was a brief discussion of pros and cons and the topic will be continued at the next meeting.

Allegra Whitney and Kimberly Sessions represented the Atlanta Waltz Society in the discussion of the proposed Waltz Weekend. Bruce pointed out that because the Atlanta Waltz Society is not yet incorporated as a non-profit corporation, it cannot use CCD’s insurance. The Atlanta Waltz Society is welcome to publicize the event through CCD (list serve, dance announcements, etc.). However, like What the Hey, the Waltz Society must distinguish in all publicity that it is not a CCD event. This needs to be done in order to protect the nonprofit status of CCD, upon the advice of Brad Foster of CDSS, the source of CCD’s insurance as well as a sort of clearinghouse of business and legal advice for contra dance groups. It was agreed to have Richard Powers call the contra dance on the Friday night of the proposed weekend for $100, in light of the distance he is traveling to come to Atlanta. Money would then be handled in the same manner as Friday nights of the English Country Dance, with CCD reimbursed $6 or $7 per dancer. The Waltz Society would also borrow sound equipment from CCD.

ARCHIVES: It was felt there is a lot of valuable material from CCD’s past years that needs to be kept track of and preserved in a safe place. Rob said he believes the volume of materials would fill a two-drawer file cabinet. Bruce volunteered to be the archivist.

CCD Web site: It was agreed to follow Seth’s advice about the renewal and transfer of the domain to a much less expensive service (GoDaddy). Barb Kirchner mentioned that if we publicize other non-CCD events on the home page of our web site, she would request that an upcoming Sautee Nacoochee event receive its share of such free publicity and endorsement as well.

CCD Directory Update: Near completion. Will be distributed both on-line and hard copies. The hard copies will be sold at a cost that defrays copying expenses.


The next meeting will be held after the submission of suggested themes for the November weekend. The themes will be presented anonymously.
Kevin and Harriette Liske offered their home for this meeting, set for Sunday June 29th at 4 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary

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