October 6, 2002

The meeting was held at Janet Shepherd's home and was called to order at 6:45 p.m.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Scott Russell, George Snyder, Rob Harper, Ann Whitley, Jan Kent and Lilian Bryan.
Guests: Janet Shepherd, Ann Robinson, Joseph Steinhauser, Geoff Kent, Fern Garber, Christin Whittington, Doug Singleton, Emily Vorder Bruegge and Roger McLain.

SOUND: Mick Kinney is willing to do sound on a part-time basis. Scott is helping out as needed, as well as finding people to fill the gap. Doug recommended a sound guy and will pass the name on to Scott. Our pay offer is $75.00 per night.
Since one of the speakers fell off the stand, new and more sturdy speaker stands are being looked into.

STAGE: The church still wants more specifics before they can make a final decision at their next board meeting. The stage will have to be easy to assemble and disassemble. Ideal size: 12x8 feet

CNN: The show of our September 20th dance was aired on October 5th a.m. It was aired 4 times. Anne saw it and said it was fantastic. Bruce is looking into getting the film and making copies. He is looking into the legality of putting this film on our website.

HALLOWEEN DANCE ON NOVEMBER 1ST: This will be a costume event. Lilian and Fern will shop for and set up the party. Announcement will be made for people to bring finger food. Janet will pass on any decorations she may have. Party will be in the upstairs room. Perhaps we should bring some folding chairs?

NOVEMBER DANCE WEEKEND 2003 (November 14-16);
A list of favorite bands was compiled by all present and we discussed each one. A vote showed #1 choice: Nightingale, #2 choice: Reckless Ramblers (3rd: Bob McQuillan, 4th: Big Table). We discussed cost of bands.
We will ask the band to suggest callers, which we will take into consideration for our own choice.
Timing: in the future we will go back to the traditional time of the November dance weekend: 2 weeks before Thanksgving.

* Half-time Skit: Joseph is in charge and he is collecting names of people who will help with this project, by either coming up with a script or participating, or both.
* T-Shirts: Joseph thoroughly researched the technicalities and cost and reported to us in detail. Joseph will present his draft of the T-shirt design within a few days. We expressed urgency to have the T-shirts done in time for the dance.
* Buttons: Christin will get the buttons to Janet in due time
* Security: Bruce is taking care of this matter
* Paper towels and other supplies: Duncan will handle this
* Snacks: Doug will take care of Fri. and Sat. night snacks; folks will be asked to bring homemade cookies
* Breakfast: this is one of the biggest jobs; we still need someone to take on this task
* Quilts: Seth and helpers will hang the quilts
* Registration: a handout should give all pertinent reminders, such as: security, parking, shoes, restaurants, etc.

OUR OWN BUILDING PROJECT: Ernie Eden is willing to head a committee to find our own building. If you are interested in giving your support, please contact Ernie.

OCTOBER 11TH COMMUNITY DANCE: Free dance with "Jump in the Skillet" and Cis. At break time we will hold elections for the 3 seats on the Steering Committee being vacated. The Nominating Committee will present a slate to the group for a vote. Announcements, which will mostly consist of thanking people who do so much for CCD, will be shared alternately by all CCD Steering Committee members.

NEXT MEETING will be focused entirely on preparation for the November Dance Festival and will take place on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:30 p.m. at Janet Shepherd's house ( 770-939-8646). All persons interested in participating in this labor of love, please come.

AFTER DANCE VOLUNTEER PARTY is scheduled for Sunday, November 17th at 5:00 o'clock at Janet's house.

NEXT MEETING: The next regular Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for early December at Lilian's house. Date and time to be announced.

Respectfully submitted,
Lilian Bryan, Recording Secretary for CCD Steering Committee

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