September 10, 2002

7:50 pm CCD Steering Committee meeting convened in the home of Hariette and Kevin Liske’s home.

Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Jan Kent, Lalah Manley, Harriette Liske, George Snyder, Rob Harper, Scott Russell and Lilian Bryan.
Other Community Members present: Ann Robinson, Joseph Steinhauser, Janet Shepherd, Geoff Kent, Margie Cooper, Fern Garber, Kevin Liske and Christin Whittington

SOUND: We are delighted to learn that Mick Kinney is interested in doing sound on a regular basis.

ATTENDANCE: Last Friday’s dance (9/6) had a good attendance of 214 folks.

STAGE: Building a stage for the band is being seriously pursued. Lalah is clearing this matter with the church. It will be a moveable stage.

CUB CALLERS: George enjoyed calling Friday night’s dance.

TUESDAY NIGHT DANCES: George asked to advance the closing time on Tuesday nights from 10:30 to 10:15 p.m. Steering Committee approved this change.

FINANCES: Tuesday nights profit about $50.00 per month, which goes into the CCD account.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE for the upcoming election of two new Steering Committee members consists of: Susan Davis, Kevin Liske, Andy Perry, Seth Tepfer.

BAND COMMITTEE: Bruce suggested that a committee be formed for the selection of the band(s) for the 2003 November dance weekend (Nov. 14-16) . This committee should propose to the Steering Committee a slate of 3-4 bands which have been confirmed to be available. Scott suggested that we continue with the democratic process, followed in the past, for the selection of the band(s). Bruce responded that we should find out which bands are available, before we discuss which bands to choose. The Steering Committee should make the selection of the main band for next year at the October 6th
Steering Committee meeting.

CNN will be filming the September 20th dance and do a story on the Chattahoochee Country Dancers. We will ask for a copy of the film.

HALLOWEEN: Friday, November 1st, we will have a "Hallo-After" dance.
Folks are encouraged to wear costumes and bring their left-over candy. We’ll supply the punch.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Harriette reported a present balance of $ 5,079.08

CCD COMMUNITY DANCE on Friday, October 11th will be a free dance,
"Jump in the Skillet" will play and Cis will be calling. During the break there will be a brief community meeting with special announcements: to highlight events and accomplishments of the year and to thank the volunteers who work very hard to make the CCD dances a huge success.

TOY NIGHT is scheduled for Friday, December 6th. Dancers are encouraged to bring unwrapped toys which will be donated to Our House.

• Vendors of the past years are welcome
• Janet discussed some advance planning regarding: moving equipment, registration, cleanup, comps, housing.
• We had a lengthy discussion to find ways to identify people who paid for their attendance at the whole weekend or individual workshops. We discussed badges for the weekend and bracelets for individual workshops.
T-Shirts: Andy Estees is interested in doing our November dance T-Shirts. Joseph Steinhauser is willing to help with the design.
English Country Dance Demo: Roger would like to organize a short
demonstration of an English dance during the Friday night break of the November dance weekend. This demo should acquaint people with the lovely moves of an English dance and bring in more followers. One of the November dance weekend workshops on Saturday will be an English dance (to be held in the large dance hall).
Half-time show on Saturday: Joseph is in charge of this event

NEW YEAR’S DANCE: Plans are underway by the "What the Hey" organizers
for a great New Year’s dance on December 31.

October 6th at Janet Shepherd’s house (770-939-8646). Please bring chairs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 and lovely refreshments were served at the Liske home.

Respectfully submitted, Lilian Bryan, CCD Steering Committee Secretary

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