August 8, 2004

The meeting was held at the home of Linda Graves with a potluck at 6:30 pm and the business meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

CCD Steering Committee members present: Linda Graves, Lalah Manly, Bill Porter, Ann Robinson, Bruce Tarnopolski, and Emily Vorder Bruegge.
Guests: Pam Eidson, Fern Garber, Kimberly Hagen, Rob Harper, Kevin Liske, John O’Neal, Neal Rhodes, Seth Tepfer, and Christin Whittington.



The Bylaws subcommittee, Pam Eidson, Bill Porter and Bruce Tarnolpolski, presented the results of many hours’ work spent incorporating the comments and suggestions that had been solicited from the community. Some issues can be classified as "Policies and Procedures" that do not need to be in the Bylaws.

Nominating Committee (for nominating new steering committee members)
Much thought and discussion went into the manner in which new members for the steering committee are nominated. It was pointed out that the selection should not be controlled by the existing steering committee, so that new ideas will continually be introduced and new people brought in. In order to achieve this goal, the manner of selection of the nominating committee was discussed at length. A call for volunteers for the nominating committee was considered an important part of the process. Rob Harper said he was willing to serve on the nominating committee. September 3 was set as the deadline for getting other nominating committee volunteers.

Procedure to Change By-Laws
The new bylaws shall be circulated to all of CCD one month ahead of time for an open comment period. Six out of nine steering committee members would have to vote in favor of the change. It was suggested that the community could ratify the bylaws in the same manner in which the new steering committee members are ratified, at the annual very brief meeting which has traditionally always been held at a Friday night dance in the fall. There is nothing currently in the bylaws that requires such ratification; however, many felt that the timing of the completion of the new bylaws does lend itself to inclusion in the annual business meeting. This may not always be practical to do in the future, for instance, if there is just one amendment to the bylaws being made. October 29th was tentatively chosen as the date for this meeting.

Christin Whittington reported that more committee heads are needed for the dance weekend. Anne Robinson said she would co-chair with the housing committee head, and Bruce Tarnopolski will serve as a back-up.
A brochure for the weekend will be ready in time for Mentone. A mailing party is scheduled for September 8, 7:30 at Christin’s house, in order to mail out 700 – 800 flyers for the dance weekend. An inquiry was made about bulk mailing, but it turns out not to be cost-effective since this is the only mailing done per year.

Jude Harrington was selected as the new manager of the CCD web page. Gail and Earl Cook’s long service in this capacity have been greatly appreciated, and CCD looks forward to enjoying Jude’s contributions as well.

Bill Porter reported that he is waiting to hear from Tim Cape regarding recommended equipment purchases. Meanwhile CCD is continuing to rent from David Wolfe.

Ann Robinson and Fern Garber went to see a stage, exploring the possibility of purchasing it. There was some concern about the strength of the stage. Bill Porter pointed out that the 18" height of the stage did not really allow the musicians a better view of the dancers, one of the main intended purposes of having a stage. Ann Whitley is continuing to pursue John Kelly’s offer to build a stage. However, Ann and Fern were very much appreciated for their efforts.

For this special event, five hours of dancing on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, 2005, CCD will ask Cis Hinkle and Seth Tepfer to call to the music of the Reckless Ramblers. Linda Graves said she would help with a pot luck at this event.

Seth Tepfer presented a rationale for why we need a strategic planning process – to come up with a purpose that we all have in common. The steering committee approved the proposal as outlined. Click for Seth’s outline of the proposed process.

Once again CCD needs to make an announcement that CCD members are requested to refrain from making political announcements at dances, using CCD’s list serve to distribute political statements, or putting flyers on the table at the dance or on car windshields. The reason: so that people can relax and have fun, and feel welcome even if they have different beliefs. As one in attendance put it "we are a non-profit, smoke-free, alcohol-free, politics-free, religion-free environment."

Harriette Bugel has arranged for new updated insurance coverage for CCD for which she was greatly appreciated. The insurance company requires that parents using child care sign a waiver.

Child care was discussed only briefly with plans made to discuss further in September. Some suggestions were outlined quickly: Have it from 8 – 11, advertise it. As far as how to finance it, bring this up in the marketing effort.

One last item: a member of the community mentioned that a growing number of people may routinely be coming to dances late in order to avoid paying six or seven dollars to get in the dance. This may be addressed at a future meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 19 at Lalah Manly’s house. The 7 p.m. meeting will be preceded by a 6:30 pot luck.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary

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