December 14, 2003

The meeting was held at Ann Whitley’s home at 7:00 p.m. on December 14, 2003.

CCD Steering Committee members present:Rob Harper, Lalah Manly, Harriette Liske, Ann Robinson, Bruce Tarnopolski, Emily Vorder Bruegge, and Ann Whitley

New Steering Committee Members: Bill Porter, Linda Graves, Julie Howell

Guests: Kevin Liske, Deborah Palmer, Jay Palmer, Doug Singleton, Joseph Steinhauser, Christin Whittington.


Sexual Harassment Policy – drafted by Ann Whitley, posted by Earl and Gail Cook on the website.

Review 2003
Supported New Year’s Dance
Dance Hotline (reviewed usage and discontinued – replaced by website links)
Researched Purchase of Friday Night Stage
Supported Leukemia and Lymphoma Charity Dance and silent auction
Supported What the Hey Weekend
Established CCD Archives
Updated CCD Phone Directory
Addressed Dance Behavior and Safety Issues
Supported English County Dance weekend
Reinstituted Child Care
Sponsored November Dance Weekend
Created a Caller Evaluation Program
Sponsored Halloween Party
Sponsored Book Swap – Extra Books to Goodwill Industries
Sponsored Toy Night – donations to Our House
Special Mention was made that Ann Robinson donated bicycles, Christin Whittington donated bicycle helmets, and Deborah Palmer arranged a donation of books.
Designed Cards for New Dancers
Formalized Nominating Committee Guidelines

2003 Dance Review
Christin Whittington and Kevin Liske were recognized for their outstanding accomplishment and contributions in heading up the 2003 Dance Weekend.
Christin Whittington presented a detailed spreadsheet showing the expenses and income of the dance weekend. In addition, a detailed evaluation was distributed. The majority of the evaluation comments were very positive.

However, some recommended changes for the future include:
- Make the registration cutoff 400 people next year.
- General consensus that there was room to dance for up to 450 people (but this year there were fewer vendors, so there was a little more floor space than usual)
- Make more than 400 buttons (there was a button shortage).
- Make sure local talent and sound crew have a contract well in advance of the weekend.
- Need more people at front desk checking wristbands at 7 p.m.
- Address gatecrasher problem. Apply policies consistently at the front desk. "Sneaking in to a dance weekend is stealing from the musicians, the nonprofit organization, and the other dancers."
- Clarify the Friday night issue – if the weekend is sold out, can people still come for just Friday night?
- Clarify when single-session tickets are available if dance is sold out.
- Put "Sold Out" or "Selling Out Fast" on the website.
- Appoint "organizers" for several events that were reported to be too unstructured and unorganized in 2003 – specifically, half-time break activity Saturday night, musician’s jam, caller’s workshop.
- Tina Liza Jones suggested that all volunteers be recognized in their own contra line for one dance (a Charlottesville tradition).
- Be sure to pass along the coffee circuit breaker problem.
- Pass along the compilation of suggestions and notes from one year to the next.

Although the above outlines mostly problems that were encountered during the weekend, the overall evaluation of the weekend was very positive. The evaluations/suggestions that were compiled by various contributors – including Christin Whittington, Doug Singleton, George Snyder, Kimberly Sessions, Nell Ruby, Pam Eidson, and Lalah Manley and will prove to be invaluable for future dance weekends.

Nominating Committee
It was suggested that the nominating committee for new steering committee members consist of 7 members in the future.

Caller Evaluation Process: Rob Harper presented his final draft and a few final clarifications were made. These clarifications will be reflected in a revised document that will be sent out independently of these minutes.
The positive vote of six out of nine steering committee members will be needed to promote an apprentice caller to the regular rotation.
Rob Harper was recognized for his work in creating this procedure, and Rob also recognized Seth Tepfer for his help in writing the proposal.
The Steering Committee voted in favor of accepting the proposal, and it will be effective in January.


The current slate of officers was re-elected: Bruce Tarnapolski, president, Harriette Liske, treasurer, and Emily Vorder Bruegge, recording secretary. Outgoing steering committee members Rob Harper, Jan Kent and Lilian Bryan were recognized for their contributions. Incoming members welcomed were Linda Graves, Bill Porter and Julie Howell.

It was suggested that
- more caller’s workshops be held to get more people into the pipeline.
- a sub-committee be formed to draft new CCD by-laws;
- intermediate classes be held, in the area behind the band, on the first Friday of the month. Comp the dance teacher in; ask the callers if they talked about this at their callers meeting. A subcommittee will come up with a list of things to teach;
- waltz be promoted;
- square dancing be promoted; research the demand;
- Doug Singleton will poll – what would you like to see;
- 2004 – time for new sound equipment – pay a professional sound engineer to determine what equipment to buy. Sandbags are leaking – need canvas sand bags, getting sand on the floor;
- 2 more speaker stands, Rob Harper will work on speaker stands.
It was announced that:
- In 2004, Child Care will be re-evaluated, probably in March;
- Stage will be re-evaluated;
- No animals of any kind at dances;
- More attention needed to opening and closing – in particular, someone to make sure the door is always locked after every dance. The opening and closing checklist should be taped to the inside of the closet door;
- Our relationship with Morningside – they seem to be getting increasingly picky, we need to be increasingly considerate;
- The children’s dance was cute.

Next meeting:
Wednesday, January 11, 7 pm at Linda Graves’s home, 2136 Willivee Drive.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary


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