March 14, 2004

The meeting was held at the home of Ann Whitley and Doug Singleton at 7:00 p.m. on March 14, 2004.

CCD Steering Committee members present: Linda Graves, Julie Howell, Harriette Liske, Lalah Manly, Bill Porter, Ann Robinson, Emily Vorder Bruegge, and Ann Whitley
Guests: Andy Estes, Rob Harper, Ginger Lyon, Doug Singleton, George Snyder, Bruce Torelli and Christin Whittington.

Among other treats, Ann and Doug provided fresh strawberries and Perrier water; Ginger arrived with ice cream for the group.

Stage: The proposal regarding the stage has been sent to the church and we are awaiting a response. Lalah, as church liaison, will also ask the church if it would be possible to leave the proposed ceiling parachute there. Subsequently, Lalah talked to Sandra, the church liaison, and Sandra will be contacting John Kelly directly to talk about the stage and parachute?

Floor Maintenance: It was suggested that we get new mop heads for the brooms. It is believed that the church expects us to maintain the sweeping equipment. An estimated $200 purchase of 2 door mats and a specialized sticky mat was approved. The budget will include a line item for floor maintenance materials. Also we should ask for volunteers to come sweep the floor beforehand. Ann Whitley said she would send an email to the list serve about sweeping beforehand; after she confirms what time the gym is usually unlocked.

Collective Good Fund-Raiser: This should be announced each Friday during the month of April.

Child Care: Are we grinding crayons into the floor? Make sure it is not our group. [Note: subsequent to the meeting, it was determined that it was not our group, but other children during the week who were getting into the crayons belonging to our group. Plans are under way to secure the crayons so that unsupervised children can not get into them.]

November 12, 13, 14, 2004 Dance
The name of the dance will be: "Dance: a Thread in the Fabric of Life." (with a possible subtitle of: "Whose Skirt is it Anyway?") T-shirts were discussed. In 2003, 6 dozen t-shirts sold out, and more would have been sold if more had been printed. Based on that, it was suggested that 8 dozen be printed. An agreement was made with Andy Estes regarding compensation to him for the use of his artwork and design: Andy will receive any profits from the poster with his artwork; and complimentary admission to the dance. CCD would keep any profits from the t-shirt.

Harriette Liske suggested a way to provide a backdrop to the stage, using dance clothing in the bleachers to create a large grid of fabric in the background behind the band.

To encourage people to make quilt squares, it was suggested that a mailout be sent to people. There are about 700 names on the mailing list. "What the Hey" is also a good opportunity to reach a lot of people and generate interest in this project. It would be fun to have quilting bees and fabric swaps. Ginger Lyon is willing to have a quilting bee. Timing: soon after "What the Hey" would be a good time.
Sound committee: New equipment is needed, as well as a workshop on the use of the equipment. Bill Porter will contact Weogo Reed regarding a sound workshop. Ask him to audit our sound procedures and equipment and give recommendations. Bill will ask him how soon he can do it and also discuss compensation with him. It was suggested that musicians be brought in during the proposed workshop, to provide sound to work with.

Sometimes sound checks are not beginning early enough. Seth Tepfer and Dennis Edmiston will be asked to ask the band members to please show up at 7:15 on Friday nights for the sound check. First we will check and make sure the building is unlocked by 7:15. Subsequently, it was learned that Seth already asks band members to arrive at 7:00, and if we tell him who is consistently late, he will talk to them directly

People with hand trucks with 2 bags of sand have been seen going over the sound cables. It was suggested we let people know not to do that.

Sunday Advanced Dance
There has been a very positive response to this. The steering committee agreed it would be a good idea to hold Sunday Advanced Dances again in the future, including a 3:30 p.m. workshop before the dance. More Sunday advance dances are already in the works. [as of this writing, Oct. 31 is confirmed and June and December dances are in the works, with bands being booked by Seth Tepfer].

In the future, it could be emphasized that the afternoon workshop is designed for intermediate dancers. However, if brand-new dancers show up, perhaps they could form a separate class, held upstairs. Doug Singleton said he has prepared material to teach for many classes in the future. The consensus was to not promote the workshops for beginners, but to be prepared to teach beginners separately, should they show up.

There were a lot of enthusiastic newcomers; Ann Robinson has been especially helpful to newcomers. She pointed out that special attention is needed for those for whom English is not their first language. Ann said she could use some assistants to help with new dancers, especially for the first 3 dances. It’s always a good idea to mix up the seasoned dancers with the brand new dancers.

Payment of Bands for Sunday night:

Should there be a set payment or a 5-way split? Ask Seth if he has already begun talking with the bands about payment method. Subsequently, Seth said he has not discussed payment methods with any bands yet.

Drinking Water at Dances:
Rob Harper pointed out the water at the church is often rusty, and suggested CCD buy an in-line water filter such as the Greenville dance group has. Bill Porter said he might have one; or, he would investigate the purchase of one.
Caller Evaluation: We need to recruit some people willing to be evaluators.
Part of the evaluation process can be an optional one-year probation, if there are one or two issues that need to be corrected by a caller.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, April 25 at 7 p.m. at Bruce Tarnolpolski’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary

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