May 16, 2004

The meeting was held at the home of Harriette Bugen May 16, 2004.

CCD Steering Committee members present: Bruce Tarnopolski, Harriette Bugel, Linda Graves, Julie Howell, and Bill Porter.
Guests: Christin Whittington, Pam Eidson, and Seth Tepfer.


Sound Gear
Tim still working on it; thinks it will come in at significantly less than the budgeted amount ($8-$10K); including options of automatic feedback killer, equalization set for the room with a password lockout to allow only certain people to alter EQ, and delay. Tim is investigating the option of a snake so sound could be run from position downstream of the speakers. Lalah planned to talk with Sandra, of Morningside Baptist, about permission to route snake.

Tim will purchase electronics such as board, EQ, etc but will not include cables, speakers, stands, etc. The speakers are fine but some stands need replacement or repair.

We are continuing to rent David Woolf’s mixer and one power amp. Talked about $75 - $100 / night for the gear and double that amount for What the Hey, but Harriette has not yet received a bill from David Woolf. David prefers to have only Tim, Tomas or Chris operate his sound equipment.

John O’Neal has ideas for a box to weight the speaker sound legs down. John will look into the cost and design.

Sticky Sheets were out on Friday. They appear to make a difference; the floor during the dance looked cleaner.

Meeting agreed that another announcement about shoes was needed, and that it should be phrased in a positive way. Julie volunteered to create announcement to give to callers to remind them to mention shoe policy.
Need to follow up with Nell about proposed Shoe Sculpture.

Thanks to Fern, Bruce & Lalah for cleaning up the storage room! Consider option of keeping the door to that room closed during the dances on Friday.


Revision of Bylaws
Bylaws Subcommittee: Bill, Bruce, and Pam.
Bill handed out draft for comments. Basis of this was 1985 Bylaws.
Several options were discussed for specific articles, views were expressed about other matters in the draft bylaws.

Article V: b
Options are:
1. Include exceptions
2. Can’t do two consecutive terms, but may reelected after a lapse of one year
3. No exceptions

Officers’ roles
• Think about dividing responsibilities of Treasurer and Bookkeeper
• Last sentence about fiscal year should be it’s own article.
• What about a past-president or president-elect or vice-president assuming dance weekend responsibility?

Article V: e
Need add statement permitting closed or executive sessions.

Article VI: Nominating Committee
Options are:
1. Solicit from membership at large to come up with a chairperson
2. Have nominating committee choose among themselves
Timing was rushed last year. Nominating committee was formed in June or July, elections took place in September or October, dance weekend was in November, then hand-over at December meeting. Perhaps set timing of election in September, allowing new members to attend a few critical meetings October & November for orientation.

Discussion about "Fall" time frame

Conflict of interest within nominating committee?
Articles need to contain statement about conflict of interest; SC member should not be allowed to vote on an issue from which they derive benefit.

Alter statement so that check co-signers cannot be related, married or from the same household to reflect present-day realities.

Term of Designated check co-signer was raised as an issue but not resolved.

Clarify Election Apply to officers
Anything about that we are a separate from the venue
Dance Promotion:
Proposal for marketing subcommittee:
Does CCD want to grow?
Keeping a balance of age groups
Switch visions – primary bring awareness; secondary to encourage age groups that current weaknesses makeup is not in attendance – target the marketing to the needs of the moment;
Perhaps metrics need to be vetted by SC
Marketing can also cover retention; marketing does not equal advertising; marketing is also how are you going to teach the people who are going to show up; how do you keep the people
Most organizations have a "membership committee" – one of the primary functions is advertising; fostering development of community; also retention; also training

Name subcommittee as: Marketing & Member Support
• Linda Graves
• Seth Tepfer
• Christin Whittington
• ?Ann Robinson
Will come back with:
• plan
• charter
• proposal

June New Business:

Nice to have a signs that say "Chattahoochee Contry Dancers"
"Class for new dancers" this way

Announcement looking for nominating committee members

Stop calling Tuesday night an "Advanced Contra"
It’s strength is that it is a smaller, intimate dance – it’s an important venue to keep Perfect venue for honing skills

November Dance Weekend
Seth will send email list of last years attendees and WtH attendees
3 options for English Musicians
a) members of CCD musicians Ann Whitley, Dave Kheris, Bill Porter, Robert Jamison
b) using David Woolf’s group from last year
c) enlist fine companions (Robert Jamison, Joy Hughes, Susanne Koppy)
d) get Doug, Doug, Ann to do waltzes
Have them do ECD & Waltzes on Sunday
Have the info on the website; listserv, and insert in the flyer
Not interested on sending a quilt mailing to 900 people; interested in mailing to 30 places mailing?

Christin handed out budget
Not much wiggle room – where is a miscellanous category?
?Add a column for major capital expenses
Nice to have a weekly, monthly, quarterly
We have an annual budget – what about a operational /annual budget, a capital budget, long term / assets budget

New Business:
Barb Kirchner will be evaluated Jun 18: Susan Davis, Scott Russell, & Rob Harper

Solicit - David Woolf, Maureen, Gingers, others not on listserv etc

The firm that has our stocks – please change our mailing address; needs to change from a personal account to a business account; currently the account is under Doug’s name;

Child care – everything resolved?

Still open business item – no letter resolved;

Linda has heard from many other groups about why they don’t do child care;
Without it, we lose a segment of the population

On the agenda for next meeting – start planning for SP meeting (scope, who to invite, length, who to facilitate, budget, etc)

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, June 13 at 5 p.m at Linda Grave’s home, potluck.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary

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