September 14, 2003

The meeting was held at the home of Ann Whitley and Doug Singleton at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was preceded by a potluck at 5:00 p.m.

CCD Steering Committee members present: Lilian Bryan, Rob Harper, Jan Kent, Lalah Manly, Harriette Liske, Ann Robinson, Bruce Tarnopolski, Emily Vorder Bruegge, and Ann Whitley
Guests: Pam Eidson, Kevin Liske, Roger McClain, Nell Ruby, Janet Shepard, Doug Singleton, Leah Smith, George Snyder, Seth Tepfer and Christin Whittington

A Book Swap will be held at the Friday night dances throughout the month of October, in the sound equipment storage room. There are a number of charities to which leftover books could be distributed.
It is expected that Morningside Baptist Church will be painting the gym walls during the November dance weekend.
The church has asked CCD to not allow any signs or posters left on the walls. This needs to be added to the list of closing activities – as well as recycling political and religious flyers, if any, or putting these materials in the lost and found.

The purchase of a new caller monitor was approved – a piece of sound equipment needed by callers during the dance.

A presentation was made by Nell Ruby and Leah Smith. They would like to create a nice space for children and provide child care so that more parents can dance. CCD child care has a recent past history of not being utilized; however, Leah and Nell want to offer especially good child care, with activities, and advertise it, so that it will be utilized. They would like to have it upstairs, in the same room as beginning dancing is taught. Because of the windows, the children will not be as isolated from the dancers as they were in the other room.
It was decided to offer child care for the first half of the dance. There will be a limit of 10 children for one child care worker, and if it gets to 11 children, a parent would be recruited to help out. Nell and Leah will be the contact persons who will always make sure someone will be there. An email list serve will be set up for the parents. Leah and Nell will draw up a wish list of items to be donated to create a nice space and activities for the children. CCD’s insurance covers child care.
For two hours – 7:30 to 9:30, Leah will be paid $20 and receive free admission to the second half of the dance. She will also ask parents to make a suggested voluntary donation towards her reimbursement.
It is hoped to eventually have a contra dance for children once a month. This idea was received with enthusiasm, with many present interested in participating.
Child Care is ready to start October 3.

The group was reminded of the need to rent an electric piano for Jeremiah. Do we need plywood for his feet?
The group was reminded of the need to rent a piano for the Saturday afternoon English Dance – Christin will confirm with David Woolf. A note was made to find out where David Woolf rented the stage he used for English weekend. It looked to be a good sized, compactable storable stage.
Nell Ruby will be in charge of T-shirts, both design and production.
We need to identify who has CCD’s water coolers. It was pointed out that eventually we should buy new ones.
Decorations are needed for the dance. This will be addressed at the traditional Foolishness Meeting. This meeting will be held at Harriette and Kevin’s home. The date will be announced.
Seth Tepfer volunteered to be in charge of the Sunday morning breakfast.
Band Housing – a couple more beds are needed to house the band.
Saturday night snacks: Harriette is taking suggestions for the big birthday cake, which could be thought of as a large, edible landscape rather than necessarily a typical iced layer cake. Because of the size of this "landscape cake," it was decided that no other snacks will be needed on Saturday night.
Christin will contact Tim Cape to confirm he is doing sound.
Lilian will host a party on Sunday, Nov. 23rd for people who helped with the weekend.
A volunteer is needed to pick up two Nightingale band members at the airport Friday night.
Roger McClain will help with moving sound equipment.
Christin was thanked for her excellent work with the dance weekend brochures as well as the dance weekend timeline showing who has volunteered for which task.
Lalah announced that so far 93 people have registered for the dance weekend, two weeks ahead of last year.


The nominating committee consists of John O’Neal, Chris Curtin, George Snyder, and Barb Kirchner. October 31 will be the date of the election of new steering committee members. Pam Eidson volunteered to write up criteria for soliciting steering committee members. It was also suggested that it would be good to communicate to the community generally that interested people are encouraged to volunteer for consideration to be nominated to the steering committee.


The sound equipment storage room in the church was suggested as a location for the Book Swap. It was pointed out that the room needs cleaning. Plans were made to clean it up. Roger and Doug volunteered to head up this effort, and will arrive early on Friday night to do so.
At Seth’s suggestion, two bands were enthusiastically added to the "regular rotation." The Clifton Road String Band and Smoke and Mirrors.
Also at Seth’s initiation, two more list serves will be created in addition to the general one we have now. One will be for steering committee members only. One will be for the parents who use CCD Child Care. This will be an extremely useful communication tool. No other list-serves (such as one for dance-only and one for general community bulletin board items) were considered necessary at this time. It was agreed to post general guidelines requesting no emails regarding politics or religion be sent to the list serve.
Seth suggested CCD purchase a book for teaching pre-dance workshops. CCD will purchase 10 copies at $5 each and distribute to callers, openers, and anyone else who finds themselves in the position of having to teach a beginners’ workshop.
Rob Harper announced there will be a separate meeting in November specifically addressing the cub caller program and performance review oversight. It is expected it will be a long meeting. It is hoped that as many callers as possible will attend this meeting to provide input.
Bruce proposed that Rob Harper be put on the schedule to call half a dance each quarter beginning in October, which was met with approval by the Steering Committee.
Lalah agreed to stay on one more year to enable the steering committee to incorporate only three new members rather than four new members at one time.
October 31 will be a Halloween costume contest dance.
Doug Singleton will reimburse CCD $100 for sound equipment borrowed for the Roswell Festival. because he only used mikes and mike stands (and not other sound equipment.)

Next meeting we will talk about selecting a band for the 2004 Weekend.
The next meeting was set for Wednesday, October 15, 7:30 p.m. at Lalah's home. Lalah said it was OK if anyone wanted to arrive earlier to see her garden.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Vorder Bruegge, CCD Recording Secretary

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