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CCD Hosts 2018

The individuals below, most of whom also serve on the CCD Steering Committee, serve as "hosts" during CCD-sponsored dances.

Hosts are at the Hall from opening to closing and may be recognized by the "Host" button they wear.

Hosts are there to welcome dancers as they arrive, help new dancers find experienced partners, encourage courtesy and safe dancing, make announcements, answer questions, field complaints, handle emergencies and dangerous-dancing/unacceptable-behavior incidents, monitor sound, move fans around as needed to improve air flow, and generally do anything else required to make a dance run smoothly.

If you have a good time at the dance please tell that evening's Host -- he or she will pass on the compliment to the band, caller, sound crew, and army of volunteers who make our dance happen and happen so well.

If you have a bad time at the dance please tell that evening's Host -- we are interested in making sure that our dance is enjoyable to all and we can't fix problems we don't know about.

Adriana Leikind
   a.leikind at

   Hosting: 3/9, 5/4, 6/29, 8/17, 10/5, 12/28
Adriana Leikind
Kevin Liske
   kevin.liske at

   Hosting: 1/26, 4/6
Kevin Liske
Sri Nori
   asterixg2003 at

   Hosting: 2/16, 4/20, 6/15, 8/3, 9/21, 12/7
Sri Nori
Deanna Palumbo
   deelite2 at

   Hosting: Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays
Deanna Palumbo
Bill Porter
   porterwm at

   Hosting: 1/5, 3/16, 5/11, 7/6, 8/24, 10/12
Jesse Edgerton
Jonathan Roveto
   jonathan.roveto at

   Hosting: 2/23, 4/27, 6/22, 8/10, 9/28, 12/14
Jonathan Roveto
Dan Sandler
   dan.sandler at

   Hosting: 2/2, 4/13, 6/8, 7/27, 9/14, 11/23
Dan Sandler
Rob Setili
   rsetili at

   Hosting: 2/9, 3/2, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30, 12/21
Dan Sandler
Joseph (Jets) Steinhauser
   Jets42 at

   Hosting: 1/19, 3/30, 6/1, 7/20, 9/7, 10/26
Jets Steinhauser

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