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CCD Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) of the Chattahoochee Contra Dancers serves as a defacto Board of Directors for the organization and is made up of nine volunteers who each serve a three year term.

SC responsibilities include staging and publicizing CCD events, overseeing finances, providing artistic direction, and responding to dance community concerns.

Steering committee members meet monthly (see CCD Schedule for meeting dates, time, and locations). Steering Committee meetings are open to everyone; come be a part of the discussion!!

Clicking on name links below will take you to a page with each member's picture and contact information.


Rotating Off in December 2019
Adriana Leikind    
Joseph Steinhauser    
Dan Sandler    
Rotating Off in December 2020
Sri Nori   President
Jonathan Roveto   Treasurer
Rob Setili   Vice President
Rotating Off in December 2021
Larry Foster    
Cis Hinkle    
Christina Tabor   Secretary

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