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May 17 - 31, 2019
Vote for the Theme for this Year's
Atlanta Dance Weekend!

The submission deadline for this year's dance weekend is now past. Voting will take place May 17 - 31.

Choose your favorite theme from the top 10 entries described below. (NOTE: In the event of duplicate or highly similar submissions, only the first entry received was listed and is eligible to win).


When voting, here are some important criteria to keep in mind ...

We have a VERY small decorating budget
      Give weight to a theme in which decorations can be donated
Lots of people like dressing up on Saturday night
      Give weight to a theme with creative costuming opportunities
We would like to start up our Saturday night skit tradition again
      Give weight to a theme that lends itself to a clever skits


  1. Email your choice(s) to before 11:59pm on Friday, May 31. You may rank order up to 5 choices*, with "1" being your first choice, "2" being your second choice, and so on.
  2. Print out a ballot, fill it out**, and bring it to the Friday night dance on
    May 17, May 24 (Butterfly Whirl), or May 31
  3. Snail mail your ranked** choices to:
         CCD Theme Ballot
         7202 Westchester Lane NE
         Atlanta, GA 30345
    (Mail early enough that the entry will arrive on or before May 31)

*We are giving you the opportunity to provide more than one choice in case there is a need to do an "Instant Runoff." Read more about that here.

**Because we are tallying votes in order of preference, any ballots that do not have numbered choices (up to 5) will not be considered

The winner will be announced at dance on Friday, June 7.

Click here to download a copy of the descriptions below

We Came, We Saw, We Contra'd

Description: This phrase is a variation on the famous declaration of Julius Caesar that "I came, I saw, I conquered." So our theme is all about ancient Rome.
Decorations: Mostly what establishes the illusion of ancient Rome is pillars. Toss up a couple of Styrofoam pillars (or hang a couple of pieces of cloth with pillars drawn on them) at the front corners of the stage, put a triangular facade atop, and bingo, you've got ancient Rome. An artful spiral of ivy ascending your pillar would not be taken amiss. Posters can have schedules and such superimposed on images of pillars. Faux Latin can make the verbiage more fun. Laurel wreaths and chariots are also part of the imagery.
Costumes: First and foremost, The Toga, a costume available to anyone who owns a sheet. But there are many Roman costume choices for those who like to exhibit finer style (simple belts and such) as well as the Egyptian costumery suggested by Caesar's acquaintance with Cleopatra. References to the Roman gods and goddesses (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Diana, Mercury, Neptune, etc.) could also come into play.
Skit: We know Julius Caesar primarily from Shakespeare's play. The famous "Friends, Romans, Contra Dancers, lend me your feet" speech seems likely to be aired. We might have a story of Queen Cleopatra teaching contra dancing to the barbaric Romans, for example, or perhaps the Roman gods bestowing the gift of dance upon their followers.

It's a Great Contra Dance, Charlie Brown

Description: The Peanuts/Charlie Brown gang learns about the Atlanta Dance Weekend. Peanuts characters also a natural inclusion for registration flyer. We can have several Charlie Brown/Peanuts sound effects as MP3 on laptop plugged into sound system, such as "Woodstock chirps", "Arrrrgh!!", Red Barron plane sound, "You Block-Head!", "Wah Wah Wah" teacher voice.
Decorations: Red Barron plane overhead and Snoopy on bullet-riddled dog house. • Lucy's Psychiatry & Advice booth in lobby • Making Schroder's Mini-Grand piano with electronic keyboard • Hallway decoration posters, showing History of Peanuts over the years, misc. fun-facts, and general biography of Charles Schultz. • Oversized red Doghouse, possibly made from appliance boxes & wood. • Collection library of Peanuts cartoon books in lobby for people to read. • A few Peanuts coloring books, of we find some. • Blue "Linus Blanket" in display case. • A "Face Cut-Out" photo spot. Like tourist attractions have, with Peanuts characters painted on front. • Pumpkin Patch Lounge • Charlie's Kite stuck in tree (or rafters
Costumes: Dancers can pick from any of the well-known Peanuts characters, from Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, Sally, Peppermint Patty, also many variations of Snoopy ∓ relatives (Dog with red bowl, Curse You Red Barron, Spike, Joe Cool) or Great Pumpkin, Dog House, York-Peppermint Patty, crashed kite, etc.
Skit: Skit can be a variation of "Great Pumpkin" where Linus & Charlie Brown describe contra dancing in grade-school kid terms, to the "Wah Wah" teacher, and some of the other kids who have never seen a dance. Some will be interested… others skeptical (like great pumpkin story)… Woodstock can be excited, and Bill Porter may provide flute chirp effects… Charlie Brown can be hopeful of seeing the Little Red Haired girl there… After things get going, Snoopy can do his happy dance… We might include short contra dance, with Peanuts theme music "Linus & Lucy"


Description: Oliver Twist discovers Contra
Decorations: Appliances boxes made to look like the workhouse; silhouettes, 1870s streetlight, posters.
Costumes: Period pieces from dowdy workhouse clothes, hats, finger-less gloves, scarves, long coats.
Skit: On the way to the workhouse, Oliver sees a contradance. He joins in only to be snatched out by Mr. Bumble the workhouse master. He asks, "Please, Sir, may I dance some more?" Oliver runs away from the workhouse and finds himself in the company Contradancers. Key songs to contratize: Consider Yourself; Food Glorious Food/ Tunes, Glorious, Tunes! Musician strolls by, and stared at longingly by the boys; Who Will Buy/Who Will Dance? Oliver tries to find a dance partner; You got to Pick a Pocket or Two/You got to Dance a Contra or Two; Reviewing the Situation.

Dancing in the Woods

Description: Trees, Wood elves, Greenery, Fairies, Nymphs, Centaurs, etc.
Decorations: Green, leafy, lush forest.
Costumes: Green / any forest theme or color.
Skit: A Midsummer Night's Dream…

Under the C(CD)

Description: Ocean and underwater theme with fish and sea creatures. Mermaids and mermen abound with seaweed in their hair and fish scales sparkling.
Decorations: Hall is decorated with multicolored green and blue crepe paper (seaweed) and seashell cutouts. Fish and coral cut outs painted in sparkling colors and blue and green twinkle lights add to the seascape. White and blue balloons are bubbles ("We got no troubles, life is the bubbles! Under the C(CD)").
Costumes: From T-shirts with fish on them to diving costumes with or without snorkel, mermaid leggings (from $7.63 on Amazon) with sparkly tops, pearl-encrusted or seashell bras, and pirates lurking in Davy Jones's locker. Is that a jellyfish made with pink and white boas? Squid skirt with swirling tentacles. That electric eel costume is shocking!
Skit: Musical number by "Hot Crustacean Band" (Atlanta band dressed in red) with melody and alternate words from "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid.(with words changed to match band members and instruments)

Musical number by "Hot Crustacean Band" (Atlanta band dressed in red) with melody and alternate words from "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

"The newt play the flute
The carp play the harp
The plaice play the bass
And they soundin' sharp
The bass play the brass
The chub play the tub
The fluke is the duke of soul

"Dancing is better, when you are wetter, under the C(CD)!"

Contra Circus

Description: Juggling, Ponies, Elephants, Acrobats
Decorations: Streamers in bright colors, Posters, Popcorn.
Costumes: Tights, Clowns, Ring Masters, etc.
Skit: Circle up and prance like horses, clowns try to ride ponies.

Game of Contra

Description: A dance in Westeros, where intriguers' romance rule the day. Whether you are a king, a queen, a lady, a knight or a commoner, you can join the game of contra!
Decorations: Medieval rocks, castles, goblets & steins for water, old-fashioned food like drumsticks & bread, green grass & forest themes
Costumes: Kings Landing – fancy dresses, court wear & robes
Wildlings – wear furs and bows & arrows
Dothrakis – dress like horsemen
Many kinds of costumes can fit the theme – flowing dresses, fur, flowing robes, sashes, swords, dragons, wolves, jesters
Skit: Sword fight dance

Contra at Hogwarts

Description: To all Harry Potter fans, please join us for a magical evening. Muggles and wizards are welcome all!
Decorations: Packages available at costume shops; Electric candles on the walls, warm yellow-orange background lighting
Costumes: Maroon & Gold tie or scarf, Gryffindor robe, Round glasses, Lighting bolt "scar"
Skit: One Contra to rule them all!

What the Contra-Flock?

Description: Flamingos & birds galore, nests, coops, feeders, feathers (I have 11 huge, pink flamingos as mascots)
Decorations: Sky, trees, flowers, lawns with birds of all kinds and colors
Costumes: Bird of choice, feathers, wings, beaks
Skit: Flock of Seagulls, The Flamingos, Maxine Nightingale, The Eagles, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Old Crow Medicine Show, Counting Crows, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, The O'Jays, Dixie Chicks….

Mystic and Magic Contra

Description: Quote That Captures the Mystic & Magic of Music:
"Music is a world within itself, it's a language we all understand." – Stevie Wonder
Decorations: Decorations would be crystals, crystal ball, love potions, candles, cats, astrology, unicorn, glitter, magic trick props, séance, aromatherapy, top hats, magic forest, wands, cards, magic lamp
Costumes: Fortune teller; magician; wizard; witch; genie; fantasy-related.
Skit: Skit would involve a magic trick, such as livening up a crowd by using a magic music song, or wand, or a magic spell....

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