February 2020 Board Meeting

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Short Description: What is CCD’s Goal and Purpose for accumulating cash?
Short Description
What is CCD’s Goal and Purpose for accumulating cash?
As the steering committee:
>Should we be specific what are intentions are for accumulating cash?
>Should we consider alternate uses for funds raised that fit with our mission?
>With a very large cushion of cash raised, should our goal be to break even for a while? (On a total year basis)
> some reasonable “emergency cash fund” is reasonable, but I would suggest that $20,000 dollars is probably more than adequate to manage a CCD transition period.
>We need to come close to break even each year, and we have NO long term contracts to pay for anything, so even $20k is actually a bit hard to logically rationalize for a CCD safety fund.
>In the case of losing money in 2015, 2016 & 2017, one could argue that the large pile of accumulated cash ELIMINATED ALL URGENCY, and delayed all action, and resulted in $20,000 to $30,000 of CDs to basically be wasted. Should we feel proud of that sort of thing? Obviously not. That type of use should not be our goal. I’m just saying that saving without any inspiring goals for our non profit may not have as much value to our community as more thoughtful & creative alternatives. I’ve seen it in business many times: Extra cash laying around without a clear purpose often gets wasted.
>It was fun and exciting to raise the money for our new sound equipment. We were quickly successful. We had a clear purpose that inspired our community.
>Should we come up with inspiring goals for CCD? Goals, so if we are successful raising attendance (attracting and keeping more new dancers), we can also be excited and proud to make some larger contribution to Atlanta contra dancing (with our savings and increased revenue).
Short Description: List/ prioritize how to delight & keep new dancers
Short Description
List/ prioritize how to delight & keep new dancers
Would be great to be creative, prioritize, and begin immediate experimenting with things devised to keep new dancers.
> Good if EVERY steering member thought of 3-5 specific ideas we can try easily, and it's ok if they cost money.
possibly things like:
> Bring food to next couple months dances, in corner by caller, & see how it goes. (Home Depot & Starwood hotels find that simply giving their top customers a free candy bar or drink on check in increases loyalty measurably).
> We've talked about name tags being required; helps new dancers feel equal and integrate
> Could have one dance per month where all new dancers (no CCD dance in 2 yrs?) AND the member that brings them, if applicable, gets in free.
> Have best practice at cashbox for welcoming new dancers, and welcoming BACK newish dancers (Not what we experienced at Clarkston, where Amanda & I were asked like 20 times, "Is this your first contra dance", which made us feel invisible)
Good to prioritize & start asap, Then how do we measure success?