COVID-19 Fundraiser Statement

Dear Dancers,

As you are all aware, many of the local and out of town bands, callers, and sound crews who make the magic happen for us every Friday are now out of work, with no immediate end in sight.

The CCD Steering Committee has pledged to financially support the ones who need it and is calling on everyone associated with our dance to come together as a community to help make this happen.

There are a number of ways that you can help:

  • Donate on our website ( to a fund that will be used solely to help cover the band, caller, and sound payments for COVID-cancelled gigs. 
  • Pay to attend an online “house concert” put on by bands who would like to continue bringing joy to our lives (we will be announcing such opportunities as they arise).
  • Sign up to take online music or calling lessons (we will help establish teacher / student connections).
  • Your ideas here…. 

Thank you in advance for anything and everything that you can do to make it clear to everyone in the contra world -- including the musicians, callers, and sound crews who bring us so much joy -- that “Hands Four” isn’t just a signal to line up for the next dance -- it is also code for “We Have Your Back” to the people who depend on us for their livelihood.

With your help our Community can make a difference.

Hands Four,
Cis Hinkle, CCD President
for the CCD Steering Committee