Dance Policies


CCD subscribes to the "Dancers Guide to Contra Dance Etiquette," as published online by the Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo. It covers social behavior | personal space | dancing in a crowded Hall | personal hygiene | and DUI (dancing under the influence of drugs and alcohol).

  • Also see this concert video by Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand, "Contra Etiquette for the Guys," for their take on good behavior rules for the road.

What happens if things go wrong? Click Here to read CCD's guidelines for addressing complaints about dangerous, illegal, or offensive behaviors.



The right shoes can make all the difference!

  • Help us protect the floor from grit that can harm the finish.

    • Set aside a pair of shoes to wear only on the dance floor.

    • Brush off the soles of your dance shoes before walking on the dance floor.

  • Help us avoid putting dents in the (surprisingly soft) wood of the dance floor.

    • Please wear broad heels -- anything less than 1.5 inches wide has been known to leave dents in the wood.

  • PRO TIP: Wear smooth, preferably leather or suede-soled shoes.

    • Rubber soled shoes (e.g. running or tennis shoes) are intentionally designed to "grip" a wood floor. Wearing smooth soled shoes makes it MUCH easier to pivot smoothly on the ball of your foot. Some people even like dancing in socks!



  • Children are always welcome to dance with us!

    • DANCERS: Please watch your elbows when dancing near children and always treat them with the same respect you would show an adult by refraining from picking them up off the ground during a swing.

    • PARENTS: Feel free to ask experienced dancers to partner your children, but please keep all non-dancing children safe from flying elbows and feet and never leave them in the Hall unsupervised.

  • Service Animals are welcome in the Hall.

    • Service Animals who are properly trained and licensed are always welcome in the Hall but, because many people are allergic and some people are frightened of them, please leave your animal companions at home.