Information for Bands

Dear Band Contact,

Thank you for your interest in playing for our weekly Friday contra dance in Atlanta. The information about our dance below collectively constitutes the CCD Band Contract. Please contact me with any and all questions, using the contact information listed below.

= Kimbi Hagen
CCD Music & Mic Magician Talent Wrangler

Booking a Gig

Please email Kimbi Hagen at or call her at 404-310-0929 to book a gig.

Unless you play regularly at CCD, please include names and contact information for three schedulers from recent dances for which you have played. Also include, if available, a link to an MP3 file or YouTube video of your music. If you are booked to play for one of our dances, this file will be linked to your name on our web schedule.

CCD has a Band Development Committee that evaluates requests by bands that have not played our stage before. I will forward the information you send me for reference checking and then get back to you after I hear from them.


Unless you are notified otherwise by me (the scheduler), we will be dancing at the Decatur Recreation Center (DecRec), one block from the square in downtown Decatur at 231 Sycamore, Decatur, GA 30030. See the "Directions" page for driving directions to the Hall.

Payment to You

We pay $300 for stage time plus a graduated amount towards travel expenses (see below).
This does not include what we will pay the Caller or sound crew; that will be handled separately.
We will pay you in cash and you will need to sign that you received it.

We pay $100-$250 for travel, depending on how far a band has driven to reach our dance from their starting point on the day of the dance (see Zones below). Travel payment is per group, not per car.

$100: Zone A (50-150 miles) 
    Includes driving from Athens, Brasstown, Birmingham

$200: Zone B (151-250 miles) 
    Includes driving from Asheville, Charlotte, Nashville, Knoxville, Greenville, Savannah, Huntsville

$250: Zone C (251-400 miles) 
    Includes driving from Raleigh, Greensboro, Memphis, Charleston, Tallahassee, Gainesville

$200: Zone D (>400 miles) 
    Assumes that bands coming more than 400 miles to reach Atlanta are setting up to tour in the area

NOTE: If our dance the night you are playing is cancelled for circumstances beyond CCD's control* before you have left for Atlanta, this contract is considered to be null and void. If we have to cancel a dance for reasons beyond CCD's control* after you have left for Atlanta, we will pay your travel allowance in full, even if we are able to reach you with news of the cancellation before you arrive at the Hall.

*'Circumstances beyond CCD's control' include, but may not be limited to, closure of the Hall by our landlords or fire/flood/ice/snow/anything else that makes it unsafe to reach or enter the Hall.

Payment to Us

We warmly welcome all two-legged traveling companions you bring with you to the dance. If band groupies, security guards, members of the paparazzi, wardrobe stylists, family members, investigative reporters, and any others who are traveling with you intend to join us in dancing to your tune, they will be expected to pay the standard entry fee at the door. If, on the other hand, they plan only to sit and listen raptly as you play they may have free entry.


Please send me a photo of the band and a link to your favorite YouTube video (specifically, please send me a link to a video that showcases your playing, not a link to your favorite video showcasing funny things that cats do). We will post the photo and YouTube video link as part of our campaign to fill the Hall the night of your dance with deliriously excited dancers. No pressure.


Please tell me whether or not you and any companion(s) traveling with the band (see "Payment to Us" above) will need housing while you are in town and, if so, how many rooms you need and their acceptable configurations (e.g. two members of the band are a couple; no members of the band are a couple but twin beds in same room are OK; unresolved snoring issues require residence in separate rooms, if not separate counties, etc.) We will be happy to put you up with a local dancer so please let me know if you are allergic to anything (e.g. beagles, bread) or have deeply held opinions (e.g bologna, bubble gum) that should be taken into consideration when trying to make you as comfortable as possible.


How will you be arriving in Atlanta? Have you made plans for getting yourself and your stuff around while here? Please let me know what help, if any, you are going to need.


Our Sound God ju jour would like to see a copy of your stage plot. Please send it to me so that I may pass it on. We have a fairly complete mix of stage equipment on hand but will need a heads up in advance for any special requests.

Note to piano players... We have a Yamaha P90 electric keyboard with dedicated stage amp on hand. Yes, I've heard that most Yamaha pianos have a repuation for being shite but the P90 is apparently an exception. Among its other nice qualities, this model has some sort of setting that allows you to change the weight of the keys so that musicians who prefer to gently caress the faux-ivories and musicians who prefer to channel their inner Jerry Lee Lewis and pound feverishly away at them can be equally happy (or, for those of you who are accustomed to playing nothing but Steinway concert grands, equally unhappy). According to musicians who have used it, the keyboard action is as realistic as it comes and that it has "an excellent velocity curve" -- whatever that means* -- that makes for very realistic piano expressiveness.

*A search of the internet tells me that that means it has a "graded hammer action with lower notes heavier toward the bottom, just like a real piano." I'm not a piano player but that sounds like a GOOD thing.


Please be on site and loaded in by no later than 7:00pm.  

1. Sound check: 7:00 - 7:30pm.
2. Dance Basics Workshop: 7:30 - 8:00pm
3. Dance Part I: 8:00 - 9:15
4. Break: 9:15-9:30pm*
5. Dance Part II: 9:30 - 10:45pm 

The Break

The break lasts the length of one live waltz followed by two recorded or locally provided acoustic waltzes. If you would like, you may substitute a couples dance of your style choice for the second recorded waltz.

The evening's Host will make announcements right before the last dance before the Break and that would be a great time to head off for a BioBreak if you don't want to fight lines at the water fountain or Loo during the recorded waltzes -- particularly if you would rather engage in contra commerce (see below), take a quick turn about the dance floor during a recorded waltz, or substitute a live couples dance for the second recorded waltz.

NOTE: If you plan to substitute a couples dance of your style choice for the second recorded waltz please arrange this with the Sound God du jour in advance so that everyone is on the same page.

The Last Waltz

We have to be completely out of the building by 11:30pm and, depending on whether or not the evening's caller lost track of time, we may or may not have time for a Last Waltz. If we don't, the Sound God will give you the option of playing -- or not -- an acoustic waltz out in the Hall after the last contra so that sound tear down and the last dance can occur simultaneously.


You may sell CDs, Chihuahuas or any Contra band, non-contraband items you want before/after the dance and during the break. If CD sales are still brisk when the break is due to be over we can assign someone to take over the sales for you so that business (yours) and pleasure (ours) can co-exist to our mutual satisfaction and without undue delay of either.


Think "layers." We don't heat the Hall during the winter months. Which means that in cold weather the band and dancers eventually occupy parallel but non-contiguous states -- specifically the states of Wisconsin and South Florida. If you are playing under these conditions you may want to bring extra layers of clothing to slip on.

On the other hand, during the warm months it can get to be a sauna in the Hall, even with the AC on full tilt; this is the Deep South after all. Playing music in a bathing suit is not illegal in the state of Georgia but, because we dance down the street from a Baptist Church, it should probably be a modest one.


Our dance community includes an extremely diverse cross-section of ages as well as ethnic, religious, political, sexual, and cultural backgrounds. We work hard to make our dance inviting to as wide a population as possible. As part of that we ask that the band refrain from hot mic jokes or statements that poke fun of any broad category of people, except Musicians. Musicians are open season. (Yes, I know this should all go without saying but this paragraph got added after we had to censure a caller one election season a few years back when s/he apparently forgot that Republicans like to contra dance too).


Will you be coming into town early enough to eat dinner before the dance? There are oodles of restaurants to choose from lining the Square in downtown Decatur, one block from the dance. I'd love to join you unless you are planning to speak exclusively in Esperanto or have a desire for some personal"band" time.

After the dance is over you are welcome to join our dancers for a late nite opportunity to relax, eat, and converse at a pub a few blocks up the street from the dance.

Pre-Dance Check In Call

Extensive, case-control research on the subject has revealed that it is easier to hold a Contra dance with a band than without one so if I haven't already run into you by then, please call me the moment you arrive. I will breathe easier knowing the Show Will Go On if you do. My cell phone number is 404.310.0929.

Special Requests

What additional information or requests do you have that, if fill-able and filled, would make your visit with us as enjoyable as possible?

We look forward to dancing to your tune!.

=Kimbi Hagen=
CCD Music and Mic Magician talent wrangler